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  22.01.2016 | - From Tyumen in 8 cities of Russia with the airline Rusline!

From Tyumen in 8 cities of Russia with the airline Rusline! "Rusline " globally expanding its route network from the regions. From 1 February from the city of Tyumen offers a total of 8 regular destinations in Goo-Altaisk , Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk , Perm , Rostov- on-don , Samara and Ufa . On line canadian delivered comfortable aircraft Bombardier CRJ 200 , which seats 50 passengers.


  12.11.2015 | - Changing the rules for air carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo ORENAIR

Changing the rules for air carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo ORENAIR ORENAIR announces that from 28 October 2015, on regular flights of JSC "Orenburg airlines " are the updated rules for air carriage of passengers, baggage and cargo. The main changes concern the rules of transportation on codeshare flights with JSC " Aeroflot" , therefore, added section 12 , "Rules of transportation of passengers and baggage apply on code-share flights ( codeshare flights ) with JSC " Aeroflot - Russian airlines". More information about the baggage policy can be found here : . The updated rules apply to all flights of the winter season 2015 -2016.


  13.07.2015 | - Transfers from Yerevan

Transfers from Yerevan Transfers from Yerevan. Transfer to Yerevan. Company Armenian-Tourism offers another service. Transfers of Yerevan, we will be pleased to provide Shuttle service from the airport or station in any part of Armenia! Phone:+7(965)088-77-55, Tel:+374(55)21-11-25. : :


  07.07.2015 | - Guests on Board began work SKY SHOP

Guests on Board began work SKY SHOP From 01 July 2015 on flights of ORENAIR, member of the group of companies JSC "Aeroflot", has been on SKY SHOP. New airline service sales of duty free goods will be available on Board the aircraft in the framework of cooperation with CJSC "Aeromar" - the largest company in Russia, operating in the field of catering for passengers. Today, the SKY SHOP available on ORENAIR flights operated on the route Saint Petersburg Simferopol St. Petersburg. However, the airline plans to provide this service on other scheduled flights. The SKY SHOP service will allow passengers to purchase goods from various categories, including perfume and beauty products, electronics, accessories and jewellery, confectionery, children's products and more. To see the range of current and popular products passengers ORENAIR on the official website of SKY SHOP


  05.07.2015 | - Official opening of the resort of Krasnaya Pakhra in the suburbs

Official opening of the resort of Krasnaya Pakhra in the suburbs July 3, 2015 official opening of the resort Krasnaya Pakhra hotel chain AMAKS Hotels&Resorts. Guests of the presentation were able to see and appreciate the unique qualities of the resort, which has absorbed all the best healing factors in all resorts. This "old Russian" mud, Tambukan mud, bischofite brine, mineral, medicinal, iodine-bromine water "Ust-Backinsale" field, a massage area, Orthopaedics, cosmetology, speleological chamber and treatment programs in a mode high-tech equipment. Medical facilities and infrastructure of the resort, allows the consideration and granting holiday wishes and needs of guests, whether it be a Spa treatment, recreation, SPA tours, corporate events, team building activities, business trips, meetings and seminars, a vacation and recreation for children. Number of rooms of the resort Krasnaya Pakhra presents comfortable rooms of different categories. All rooms are equipped with mode comfortable fuiture, air conditioning and everything needed for a great stay, in accordance with high quality standards of the hotel "AMAKS Hotels & Resorts". Infrastructure of the resort includes a large sports complex with 25-meter swimming pool and children's pool, sports hall, exercise room, sauna from canadian cedar, a restaurant with 200 seats, a lobby and phyto bars, conference rooms, a concert hall for 200 seats, sports outdoor Playground, outdoor fitness area, barefoot therapy, herb garden and a children's Playground. Guests of the resort will be available additional services: room-service, mini bars in the rooms, Laundry services, dietary meals, banquets and receptions, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the resort, Parking, Shuttle service, rental of sports equipment, and gift shop. Medical-diagnostic base, customer-oriented employees of the resort, convenient and close location from Moscow make the resort "Krasnaya Pakhra" truly exclusive place to relax.  Welcome!


  15.06.2015 | - ORENAIR launches a unique flight program from China to Russia

ORENAIR launches a unique flight program from China to Russia ORENAIR, member of the Group of companies "Aeroflot", launches a unique flight program from China to Moscow. The flights will be operated from three Chinese administrative center of Kunming, Changsha and Nanjing in the capital of Russia. Earlier flights to Moscow from these Chinese cities was carried out. First flight on long-haul Boeing 777-200 ER was held on 10 June for the route Kunming to Moscow with absolute download. On Board the passengers were offered hot dishes of European and Chinese destinations to choose from. The characteristics of the diet of a large number of green tea and the lack of popular among Russian passengers of tomato juice. On 11 June, the airline carried out a similar trip from the administrative center of Changsha, June 14, will be made the first flight from Nanking / Nanjing. Flights from China are planned on a weekly basis until the end of October 2015. "Currently many Russian airlines have formed an overabundance of cargo capacity, so big the Chinese market is of interest to us. In tu, for Chinese tourists and tour operators services we offer and the experience is a great opportunity for the development of outbound tourism in the Chinese regions", - said General Director of ORENAIR Viktor Petrovich Zyukin. Kunming (春城) or "city of eteal spring" is located in the southwest of China. A population of over 6 million people In the city has several universities, museums, art galleries, and the famous bronze temple, built during the Ming dynasty. Nanjing (南京, Nánjīng) the former capital of China, a port in the lower reaches of the Yangtze river, the capital of Jiangsu province. Located in the Easte part of the country, 260 km North-West of Shanghai. A major center of industry and culture. With a population of about 10 million people. Changsha (长沙, Chángshā) is an urban district in Hunan province of China, located on the Xiang river. It has a population of about 10 million people. Included in the historical Golden Triangle Janjalani".


  09.06.2015 | - The action network AMAKS Hotels & Resorts to Children's Day!

The action network AMAKS Hotels & Resorts to Children's Day!Childhood - the happiest time, and we are always very warm feelings remembering those years. June 1 - International Children's Day, the hotel chain AMAKS Hotels & Resorts together with Mövenpick, LLC "Nestle Russia" decided to pay attention to children in orphanages and to arrange for their carefree, fun and sweet holiday. AMAKS Hotels & Resorts and Mövenpick, LLC "Nestle Russia" is not the first year support partnership, and this year, a joint action was organized for children from six regions of Russia. For children arranged a holiday in Rostov-on-Don, Izhevsk, Belgorod, Novgorod and Omsk, the children played and danced, participated in the championship in bowling and take part in the cocktail reception where a hit in such a hot summer, of course, was the ice cream. All the flavors, textures and colors Mövenpick achieved by using only natural ingredients - only the best, carefully selected, no artificial additives or coloring. And this is exactly what is needed for children - tasty and healthy! Next year, the hotel chain AMAKS Hotels & Resorts together with Mövenpick, LLC "Nestle Russia" plans to expand the geography of the festival and give a holiday even more children.


  29.05.2015 | - Total sale of tickets for summer flights of ORENAIR!

Total sale of tickets for summer flights of ORENAIR! ORENAIR, member of the group of companies "Aeroflot", in the period from 10:00 Moscow time on 26 may to 23:59 (Moscow time) on 01 June 2015 announces the sale* tickets on flights to 38 destinations from/to Russian cities to/from Sochi, Anapa and Simferopol. Special fares are valid only on certain dates and for the flights operated in the period from may 28, 2015. on 20 June 2015. You can buy tickets on the airline's website and agencies of the city. Find detailed information about flights by phone the contact centre on ORENAIR 8-800-700-00-56 (toll-free in Russia). Details *The number of tickets is limited. Airfare listed to one side. Specify the date of departure. **Rate is non-refundable in this regard: 1) voluntary retu is prohibited, permitted voluntary change date of shipment with the extra charge 2) involuntary change of conditions of carriage and refund are permitted. JSC "Orenburg airlines" traces its history back to 1932. To date, the airline ORENAIR is among the ten most successful airlines of Russia, annually transporting over 3 million passengers. The airline's route network includes flights scheduled and Charter destinations. ORENAIR fleet consists of reliable and comfortable aircraft such as the Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 777-200ER. The main priority of ORENAIR safety. In 2010 JSC "Orenburg airlines" was included in the IOSA registry, successfully confirming the IOSA certificate in 2014. High security ORENAIR is confirmed also by the European Commission SAFA (coefficient ORENAIR - 0.36) and AirlineRatings (7-star safety out of 7). In 2014 ORENAIR has received approval to expand the scope of activities within the EASA certification to perform basic maintenance of Boeing 737 and got a permit to perform missions using EFB (Electronic Flight Bag). ORENAIR - multiple winner of the national aviation contest "Wings of Russia".


  26.05.2015 | - Resort "Red Pakhra" first open its doors for the guests!

Resort For several years, we have built and equipped with a set of the most advanced technologies to come to us, you have been pleasantly surprised! Red Pakhra Resort - a unique resort in the suburbs, combining natural healing factors, modern medical equipment, massage unit, cosmetology, the new number of rooms, restaurant complex, a lobby bar, conference facilities, a wellness center with two swimming pools, sauna and gym , gym, outdoor sports and playgrounds, as well as a number of additional services! The resort Krasnaya Pakhra contains unique natural healing factors resort network AMAKS Hotels & Resorts, used for the treatment of all age groups: mud Staraya Russa (sulfide-silt without its composition unique in the world) and Tambukansky origin, natural mineral water Ust-pitching (bromyodnye, comparable to the effect of a stay at the Dead Sea) and Bishofit solution Volgograd deposit (high content of magnesium and bromine Bishofit ensures the functioning of all the processes in the body and promotes relaxation) To celebrate the opening, we offer all guests a 30% discount during the month of June in the spa and wellness trips (up from 4 to 21 days), on holiday with food and the wellness complex. To get the discount you need to call the code word "AMAX". The first 50 guests we will give VIP-permanent guest card with a 30% discount for all services of the complex! Hurry up and book a ticket and become a VIP-guests of the resort! Welcome!


  23.04.2015 | - How to carry the animal abroad?

How to carry the animal abroad? In this article we will explain what steps you have to go to successfully transport a pet, and how to simplify this process. 1. Determine the requirements of the specific country for the import of animals Each state may have their own nuances in the law relating to the importation of animals from abroad, in addition to the general requirements of the standard, which we write below. For example, in Australia to import animals in general is prohibited without prior consent Quarantine and Inspection Service. Arriving in Greece with pets are required to present evidence of the customs of international standard on the origin and health of pets. Cyprus immediately upon arrival, all dogs must pass the inspection in the veterinary service of the airport. According to the company "A successful flight", which specializes in the transportation of animals, the most stringent requirements for the importation of "live load" placing Britain and ckandinavskie country: "The procedure for registration of necessary documents in these countries and the number of hosts deliver much trouble." In the UK, for example, on the importation of animals and birds is required to issue a pre-import license. In addition, all imported animals to Albion required to be quarantined for six months in specialized local institutions. In Norway, in addition to the standard documents on the animal you have the right to require a certificate of vaccination against rabies vaccine complex, the absence of parasites and blood test for levels of antibodies. In addition, some countries have banned the import of fighting dog breeds. It must also be borne in mind if you have a four-legged friend. If you are the owner of exotic animals (parrots, monkeys, turtles, python, and so on), you can not remove it without the express permission of the Rosselkhoznadzor. It tells the Mayor Benmerabet, partner of law firm BDP Law Firm, in particular this applies to animals that are listed in the Annexes to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in Endangered Species (CITES)." 2. Make the veterinary passport and animal chipiruyte "To travel with animals, pet must be a veterinary certificate. This document provides veterinary clinic. The passport is necessary in advance to put a mark on vaccination - generally no less than 30 days prior to departure. Also, the animal must be chipped, chip number - pasted in the passport "- told in a veterinary clinic named after Ivan Fillmore. Under "special notes" in this document should contain information on completed veterinary requirements of the importing country. Under "route" is allowed to specify the following main points: the point of departure - destination - the return of the item (in case of return of animals). Pets may be exported accompanied by veterinary passport if it has a mark on the inspection clinic for five days before sending the animal and the necessary treatments, vaccinations in accordance with the requirements of the importing country. The certificate must indicate the number and date of the microchip number or stamp and date stamping. Akim Benmerabet, partner of law firm BDP Law Firm, emphasizes: "Without the permission of Rosselkhoznadzor allowed the export of dogs and cats transported for personal use, not more than two goals. If you want to take more than two pets, you need to apply for a relevant document to that Office. " 3. Learn the requirements of the carrier Whether you're taking your pet by train or by plane, the transport company or carrier can be set specific requirements for transporting pets passengers. So the first thing ask these rules immediately when booking tickets. It is important to note that many airlines are allowed to carry small animals right in the cabin. However, as in the case of transportation of pet in the cargo area, this is a paid service for which you must pay at the airport. Alexander Gladilin, Project Manager tourist service, talked about some of the nuances of the transportation of animals by air, "Transportation of animals in aircraft permitted by the rules of most airlines, but the requirements for carriage may be different from each other. Furthermore, the plane can carry a limited number of animals. For example, Aeroflot allows smuggle in the cabin per flight is not more than two dogs. So try as soon as possible to contact the airline to find out its conditions and time to book a place. Dog or cat in an airplane must be designed for it in a container, transportation of birds is possible in a special cage, fish - in a sealed tank. Other animals can not travel with their owners, or in the luggage, but they can be transported on cargo aircraft. Animal transport passenger is obliged to provide a container of sufficient size cage with access of air. Without a cage or container transport is strictly prohibited. The bottom of the container or cage must be waterproof and covered with absorbent material. The animal must be able to get up, "full-length" and rotate around its axis. Castle must be reliable. The cost of transportation of the animal depends on its weight. As a rule, pets traveling in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Allowed to carry pets in the cabin, the mass together with container or cage does not exceed five to eight pounds, dimensions in the sum of three dimensions not exceeding 115 cm. Pets are accepted for carriage accompanied by an adult passengers, with the prior consent of the airline. Transportation of large dogs (harder five to eight pounds) carried in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Please note that some airlines prohibit the transport of large dogs. " 4. Prepare a pet to travel and go to the control at the airport Moving to another country - specific stress even for humans. What can we say about our smaller brothers. However, there are specific ways to reduce the load on your pet during transport. About them says Alexander Gladilin, Project Manager tourist service: "Firstly, the supply of drinking water - dehydration on the plane is faster than on the ground. Secondly, two hours before departure feed the pet with light food. Third, do not forget to walk your pet before departure. Finally, make sure that your pet does not suffer from lack of air in your container or cage. And in any case, do not try to calm the animal with medication. " Providing a comfortable and safe journey for your four-legged friend is important even from a legal point of view. As the Mayor of Benmerabet BDP Law Firm, in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is a separate article for cruelty to animals. Before registering for the flight animals undergo a mandatory control at the airport. After checking the documents you will be issued a boarding pass necessary for boarding. Instead resume Most often, a professional company engaged in the transportation of animals, small animals are sent from Russia to the United States, Canada, South Africa, Thailand, Germany, France and Italy. The carrier has two categories of clients. The first sell a puppy or kitten to the buyer abroad. A second transport their pets when moving to a permanent residence. Often they turn to the organization, if the airline refuses to take on board any animal, or if the country imposes a ban on the flight master together with the pet. In this case it is necessary to send a separate pet cargo unaccompanied. "Basically sent abroad cats and dogs. But recently we even had to send to Germany two ordinary Siberian protein. Also with the help of our new home during transportation to the zoo recently acquired a lioness, "- confessed to the companies' successful flight."


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