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  16.04.2015 | - Over half of the travel agencies can not send Russians abroad

Over half of the travel agencies can not send Russians abroad The number of travel companies that have the right to send tourists abroad, after 15 April 2015 will be reduced by about two and a half times. The fact that hundreds of members of the association "Turpomosch" will be excluded from it for non-payment of dues. According to RBC with reference to the director of "Turpomoschi" Vyacheslav Basov, the total number of companies that have cash to be about 800. From April 15 - the last day of payment - about 1,000 firms will cease to be members of the association. In this case, they exclude from the federal register of companies, and they will lose the right to carry people abroad. According to Basov, companies will be able to return to the "Turpomosch", but for this they will have to apply again. As the director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia Maya Lomidze, reducing the number of field operators have a positive impact on the market. According to her, this will not lead to higher prices for turputevku because the volume of flight programs decreased by 30-40%.


  15.04.2015 | - In Helsinki, the hotel opened for guests with four-legged friends

In Helsinki, the hotel opened for guests with four-legged friends The building №26 on the street Bulevardi, where once the headquarters of British Petroleum, now is a new hotel. Anyone can comfortably spend time in one of 120 rooms. Reconstruction of the building to comply with offices Soini & Horto, making it a new internal and external appearance elegant and at the same time entertaining. The total area of ​​eight-storey building, whose facade is now lined with metal amounts at about 7700 square meters, and on the top floor, there were even suites. New hotel Hotel Indigo Helsinki Boulevard in the heart of the Finnish capital waiting for guests, not just people. Doors at IHG international network open to four-legged guests. One guest told me that her dog brought a cot, a towel with print as small bones, treats, as well as bowls for food and water, indicating that the highest quality services. In this four-legged friends can stay in all rooms and on all floors, but only in certain areas. Therefore, the hotel is suitable for people with allergies to animals. For numbers used three different themes: the first is inspired by street Bulevardi, the second - an industrial or port environment, and the third - the park is dedicated to Sinebryukoff. One of the walls in each room is decorated "fresco" on the sketch artist Linda Linc. In the lobby of the hotel is a restaurant Bröd, which is open for both hotel guests and for residents. There is also a small cooking Soup & Juice. Upstairs are normal and steam sauna, gym, yoga room and several small meeting rooms.


  06.04.2015 | - Turkey to shell out $ 6,000 for each charter from Russia

Turkey to shell out $ 6,000 for each charter from Russia The Turkish Government will support travel agencies benefit of $ 6,000 for each charter flight with Russian tourists in April-May 2015. It is reported by the Turkish Embassy in Russia, RIA Novosti reported. If on board the aircraft will be travelers from several agencies, the amount will be divided proportionally to the number of passengers on each company. For such subsidies tourist company must submit an application to the General Directorate of Investments of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey. This must be done in the next month for a flight. This measure is aimed at improving the situation of the flow of tourists from Russia to Turkey. Recall that the number of our fellow citizens traveling to Antalya, declined in the first two months of 2015 by 41% compared to the same period of 2014. In early February, the Turkish authorities have announced their intention to support the tourist industry in Russia by the air carrier subsidies.


  24.03.2015 | - Charter flights to Japan will resume

Charter flights to Japan will resume Japan Air Travel Marketing" announced the resumption of Charter flights to Japan from Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the period from June to August 2015, according to business newspaper "Golden horn".  The flights will be carried out by the airline "Yakutia". In the summer of 2014 this program has proved very successful: Charter flights to Niigata and Tokyo high demand from both Russian and Japanese tourists.  This year, the range extended flights: from Vladivostok aircraft will fly in Niigata and Osaka (Kansai), from Khabarovsk - in Niigata, Osaka and Okinawa, from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in Tokyo and Osaka.  "The interest of Russian tourists in Japan is steadily growing, despite the difficulties experienced in recent times, the tourist industry in Russia. Therefore, we are optimistic and expected increase in the number of tourists on chartered flights, " says a representative of JATM in Vladivostok Olga Andreeva. - A weekly tour from Vladivostok to Niigata or Osaka is 52 thousand rubles per person (based on the current exchange rate), including flights, accommodation in hotel with Breakfast and visa support.


  23.03.2015 | - The resort AMAKS "Staraya Russa" will be held graffiti fest "History in color"!

The resort AMAKS Graffiti festival is a new product that will represent the hotel chain AMAKS Hotels&Resorts all active and interesting holiday. In the penultimate week of may, the resort will open a large art Studio, but only as the canvas will perform a 32-meter high wall from which organizers plan to make an art object, remembering her moments of history, culture, great people once visited the resort as well as a healthy, active lifestyle and sports. In the best tradition of festivals, participants will not only get the opportunity to leave your mark in the history of the resort and the city, but also compete for prizes, to the choice which the organizers approached very seriously. Among them - Aqua tour at the resort Staraya Russa, a weekend in any hotel network and tasty prizes from the sponsor of the festival, the company "Movenpick" Nestle Russia". The comment of the head of Department for the development of RRPs AMAKS Hotels & Resorts, D. S. Nikonov: “....Giving the guests an opportunity to Express themselves through drawing, we divide the emotions equally. Participants leave its mark in the history of the resort, the city and the region, and we will help to inform and to share this story with other guests. The creation of an art object of this scale will become unconditional decoration and another pride of the resort”. From 18 to 22 may, will be held the festival itself, and on 23 may, within the opening 187 th holiday season, timed to the anniversary of the city will summarize the results and honoring the winners! More detailed information and contacts for enrollment on the official website the graffiti fest in Facebook:


  12.03.2015 | - 14-17 March, in Moscow will host the X jubilee international tourist exhibition "Intourmarket (ITM) 2015"

14-17 March, in Moscow will host the X jubilee international tourist exhibition Unique berry wines, prepared by a special recipe that will be able to enjoy guests stand Altai region, the exhibition "Intourmarket-2015". As reported by Ruslan Emelyanov, head of sector marketing Administration of the city of Biysk, experts, Biysk use scientific experience, which, as you know, is famous for the city - a city which makes wines are produced on the most advanced technology: "We all remember the taste of sea-buckthorn oil. This taste in wine from sea buckthorn is missing. Specialists have developed the technology to remove oil without destroying the structure of the wine." It is also worth noting that the city of Biysk, known as the merchant city, was always famous for its liqueurs. "If we talk about Biysk, the merchants, the word "brandy" was never used in the singular. "Gentlemen, enjoy fruit liqueurs", - it was offered drinks before eating. Without liqueurs never sat at the table. It was thought that the perfect liqueur strength 20 degrees, which does not burn the taste buds and causes no hops," said Ruslan Emelyanov. Welcome to the stand of the Altai territory! Altai Krai is the Strategic partner of the exhibition, the area of the collective stand of the region will be 1008 sq m Stand Altai Krai: IEC "Crocus Expo IEC Pavilion No. 1, Hall # 4, stand # E.


  05.03.2015 | - The incredible adventures of Chinese in Russia

The incredible adventures of Chinese in Russia The reversal of Russia to the East greatly influenced the field of tourism: the number of tourists from Far and Middle East, wishing to look at St. Petersburg, is constantly growing. How to ensure that representatives of non-Western cultures comfortable conditions for travel and why the hotel staff to learn Chinese - read our article. St. Petersburg is traditionally considered to be foreign tourists one of the most popular cities of Russia. This is no accident: magnificent architecture, ancient palaces and museums, many rivers and canals - all this attracts the attention of even the most discerning travelers. According to the information Smolny, every year the number of foreigners arriving in the Northern capital increases: annual tourist flow is about 5 million people. A big role in this is played by the information policy of the St. Petersburg authorities for promoting the city on the tourist market. Organize study visits to foreign tour operators, journalists and bloggers in St. Petersburg, the information about the tourist attractiveness of the Russian Venice is placed in in-flight magazines foreign airlines, stands at International airports around the world, and even in a London taxi. Economic and political sanctions against Russia in 2014, has affected the flow of tourists. In Russia and St. Petersburg in particular became less visitors from America and Europe, but this is fully compensated significantly increased the number of visitors from Asian countries (particularly China), the Middle and Far East. The growth of tourists coming to St. Petersburg from Hong Kong, has reached unprecedented 139%, from Korea increased by 65%, from Turkey by 13% (according to Rosstat). The reason for this is the establishment of friendly relations with the Asian, Eastern and Latin American countries, strengthening cooperation, simplification of visa regime with China (according to the newspaper "people's daily"). According to experts, the reversal of Russian policy in the East will continue. Hence, tourists from China, Korea, Turkey, the Arab States will become even more. How to make tourists Eastern cultures feel comfortable and calm in St. Petersburg? Developed hotel infrastructure, new hotels and restaurants, modernizing the airport and getting on a high-speed rail, in the "hot" season work in support of the foreign Service of angels" and "Contact center". But is this enough? Still the actual problem of maladjustment Russian hotels for the rest of the Chinese. According to the information of the tourist Association "World without borders" tourists from China is particularly acute language barrier: they want to see signs and information Desk at the reception, the site of the hotel and restaurant menu, translated into their native language. Guests from China when choosing a hotel look for the presence of Chinese dishes Breakfast tea set in the room and the opportunity of watching Chinese TV channels. The same applies to tourists from Muslim countries: the number corresponding to the Shariah, or, for example, Halal food - important conditions for a good rest. In the beginning of this year the Council of Muftis of Russia has approved the standard "Halal" for Russian hotels. Each room of this hotel must meet all the basic needs of Muslims: each room must be specified direction on Kibla (direction of prayer towards the ka'ba in Mecca), a copy of the Koran, the pad prayer, pitcher for washing. According to the TV channel "My planet", the title of such hotels claim only three - one in Moscow and two in Tatarstan. It is not enough. May appear and specialized hotels for Chinese tourists: currently in talks about joining some St. Petersburg hotels in the China program Today. But two or three hotels in this great tourist city like St. Petersburg, of course, is not enough. To own a Chinese and Arabic, especially now, due to the increase of tourist flow, should the staff of any major hotel or restaurant. It is particularly important to know and respect the culture, traditions, religious customs of these peoples and to provide them with a comfortable stay while traveling and not to spoil his small household problems. Specifically for employees of hotels and restaurants, which annually host thousands of tourists from Near and Far East, "effective School of languages has developed a unique corporate language courses in Chinese and Arabic languages. Classes can be held in the form of live communication and in the form of webinars (remotely), include the formation of language skills and familiarity with Muslim culture (Islamic ethics, norms of the Shariah, Ramadan and other) and Chinese culture (Buddhism, the tea ceremony, Chinese cuisine and other). To conduct the courses will be the best teachers of the School, fluent in Chinese and Arabic languages, are familiar with the cultures of the East and a well-guided tour in the environment. The duration of the introductory courses will be 5-6 hours for each language, if desired, may increase the duration. Knowledge of Chinese and Arabic languages will help not only to make money for the owners of hotels and restaurants, but also to create a good impression and a positive image of the city, contributing to the repeated visits of tourists from China, Turkey and other Eastern countries.


  27.01.2015 | - В Санкт-Петербурге появился визовый центр Германии

В Санкт-Петербурге появился визовый центр Германии С 30 января 2015 года в Северной столице начинает свою работу визовый центр Германии. Теперь подать документы на немецкую визу в Санкт-Петербурге можно будет не только в дипмиссии Германии . Новый визовый центр будет принимать посетителей в будние дни с 9:00 до 16:00 по адресу Санкт-Петербург, Чкаловский проспект 7. Помимо консульского сбора в размере €35 (2730 рублей) за оформление документов в обычном порядке, или €70 (5460 рублей) за срочность, здесь туристу необходимо будет заплатить сервисный сбор  - €18,85 (1470 рублей), включая НДС, за каждое заявление. От уплаты дополнительного сбора освобождены дети до 6 лет и заявители с ограниченными возможностями. Кроме Санкт-Петербурга, визовые центры Германии на территории РФ расположены в городах Владивосток, Екатеринбург, Иркутск, Казань, Краснодар, Красноярск, Нижний Новгород, Новосибирск, Омск, Пермь, Ростов-на-Дону, Саратов, Самара, Уфа и Хабаровск. Напомним, что наши соотечественники любят посещать Германию не только с целью отдоха, но и чтобы приобрести местную недвижимость. Немецкая экономика уже на протяжении многих лет остается одной из самых сильных в Европе, а   цены на жилье   и коммерческие объекты стабильно растут.


  27.01.2015 | - В Пермском крае будут лечить уникальной старорусской грязью

В Пермском крае будут лечить уникальной старорусской грязью Лечение уникальными по своему составу отечественными грязями «Старорусские», известными во всем мире, будет возможно и в Пермском крае. Популярный курорт «Усть-Качка» открывает отделение аппликационного грязелечения, которое будет основано на использовании этих не имеющих аналогов в мире грязей. Лечение единственными в своем роде сульфидно-иловыми грязями начали применять с 1828 года, когда лейб-медик Императорского двора открыл их целебные свойства и убедился в их эффективности. В мировой классификации лечебных грязей с тех пор присутствует имя собственное - «Старорусские». Теперь оздоровительные процедуры станут доступны и в Пермском крае благодаря эксклюзивным поставкам с курорта «Старая Русса», куда, начиная с 1854 года, все высокопоставленные особы и даже члены царской семьи стали приезжать на лечение. Отныне и у гостей популярного курорта «Усть-Качка» (Пермский край) появится уникальная возможность самостоятельно проверить целительный эффект уникального дара природы. По словам врача старорусского госпиталя К.А. Шенка, с 1879 г. «Старорусские» лечебные грязи не уступают никаким другим не только в России, но и вообще в Европе. Месторождение лечебных грязей является экологически чистым, а сама грязь — гипоаллергенна и имеет высокие тепловые свойства. С ее помощью в Усть-Качке станет возможно комплексно лечить не только болезни костно-мышечной системы, кожи и органов дыхания, но и органов пищеварения, нервной и мочеполовой систем. Безусловно, сам вид грязевой процедуры и ее оптимальное сочетание с другими лечебными факторами и процедурами курорта должен определяться врачом индивидуально для каждого гостя, и курорт «Усть-Качка» предоставляет всем желающим такую возможность.


  27.11.2014 | - Сеть отелей AMAKS Hotels & Resorts приходит в Подмосковье

Сеть отелей AMAKS Hotels & Resorts приходит в Подмосковье AMAKS Hotels & Resorts объявляет о скором открытии нового объекта гостинично-курортной сети. Весной 2015 года курорт «Красная Пахра» пополнит ряды лечебно-оздоровительных курортов сети отелей AMAKS Hotels & Resorts и распахнет свои двери для первых гостей. Новый курорт «Красная Пахра» располагается на берегу реки Пахра, в 30 км. от МКАД, в одном из красивейших уголков новой Москвы. Основным конкурентным преимуществом нового курорта будет уникальная программа лечения грязями, не имеющими аналогов во всем мире - «Старорусскими»; эти грязи будут в эксклюзивном порядке поставляться с курорта «Старая Русса», который функционирует с 1828 года. Помимо этого, санаторно-курортное лечение в «Красной Пахре» будет включать в себя водолечение минеральными йодо-бромными водами Усть-Качкинского месторождения, а также косметологическую лазеротерапию в соответствии с новейшими технологиями и лечебными программами на ультрасовременной высокотехнологичной аппаратуре.Номерной фонд курорта «Красная Пахра» представлен уютными комфортными номерами различных категорий. Номера будут оборудованы современной удобной мебелью и всем необходимым для отличного отдыха гостей, в соответствии с высокими стандартами качества сети отелей AMAKS Hotels & Resorts. Курорт предложит гостям 264 современных номера, различных категорий - одно и двухместные номера категории «Стандарт», «Студия» и номера категории «Люкс».Инфраструктура курорта будет включать - большой физкультурно- оздоровительный комплекс с 25-ти метровым бассейном, ресторан на 200 посадочных мест, лобби и фито бары, конференц-залы и киноконцертный зал. Так же гостям курорта будут доступны дополнительные услуги: room-service, мини-бары в номерах, услуги прачечной, диетическое питание, проведение банкетов и фуршетов, аренда конференц-залов и киноконцертного зала, высокоскоростной Wi-Fi, автопарковка, трансфер, прокат спортинвентаря, аптечный киоск и сувенирный киоск.Руководство сети AMAKS Hotels & Resorts выражает уверенность, что новый курорт будет представлять исключительную привлекательность для желающих отдохнуть в Подмосковье. Будучи расположенным в одном из наиболее перспективных регионов с благоприятными природными и климатическими ресурсами, с хорошо развитой транспортной сетью и инфраструктурой, курорт «Красная Пахра», безусловно, займет достойное место среди отелей крупной российской сети отелей, в концепции которой находят отражение самые передовые тенденции индустрии гостеприимства.


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