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  30.03.2015 The famous Italian villa of the XV century become luxury hotel - Italy
The famous Italian villa of the XV century become luxury hotel

Swiss Family Pecci Blunt bought an old villa in the province of Lucca, which remembers the great Paganini. The new owners decided that after recovery it will tu into one of the best hotels in Italy. Any future guest Villa Reale Marlia can feel involved in the story. Indeed, in the grand ballroom of the mansion for the sisters of Napoleon Bonaparte himself played Paganini, Italy wrote in Russian. Despite its long history, particularly ancient villa was known thanks to its residents beginning of the XIX century. While at Villa Reale Marlia was Princess Elisa Bonaparte, Napoleon's sister. She spent here memorable feasts and dances, in which Niccolò Paganini was as a conductor. The total building area is 18,000 square meters. All around is a large park on 19 acres in the English style with original features of the XVII century. Also has its own theater, built in 1652.







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