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  15.07.2015 What should learn from the Italians - Italy
What should learn from the Italians
The Italians are masters of many arts. The art of a beautiful life and art to adapt to the world and to get out of situations, the art of living in the moment and enjoy it.

It seems to us that there is a sense to take from them a few lessons:

Eating is fun, eating is a ritual.

The Italians live on a schedule. Sounds unbelievable but it is true. Only the schedule is special. This strict adherence to the course: coffee and pastries in the mo ing, lunch with the family day Ч an aperitif at 17:00-19:30 Ч dinner 20:00-21:00 at home or in the restaurant.

Have to? To escape with a Cup of coffee in your hand? Fast food? All these are forced measures applied only in extreme cases.

The best food is the one that grew up there, wherever you are, just cooked and eaten immediately. And eating is a pleasure that you definitely need to share with someone. Because savoring and sharing of experiences is an integral part of the ritual, it makes the food even tastier.

Communication is the engine of social life, conversation is an art.

You can freely chat with an unfamiliar person, but not labored on weather-natural themes, and so that was interesting? Italy is a place where the organizers networkingweb courses face imminent bankruptcy, because this art all own childhood.

Range of topics Ч from the harvest of citrus and comparing wines of Veneto and Abruzzo to the relationship of Caesar with Cleopatra and the dominance of Romanesque architecture in the region of Emilia-Romagna. Such conversations provide food for thought, enriched with new knowledge, give new acquaintances and expand borders.

Life is not the pursuit of something. It's just life. The here and now.

The Italians live with a feeling that they will manage everything. And this greatly reduces the stress level around. You suddenly stop in a hurry and begin to catch. Even with a three-hour Siesta. Even with constant delays and all. Just your focus shifts to other things.

Give yourself time for everything, no matter what you are doing (for food, a long walk home, on a leisurely chat with a friend), and you'd be surprised how quickly these costs are justified. Slowing down is the path to a better quality of life... and more rapid progress in many areas of life.

Quality of life is priority number 1. No compromises.

The device itself is life in Italy is such that it leaves room for fun and good accommodation. Remember, we talked about the schedule? It is actually made so that all those little things that form the basis of a quality of life that is already built into your daily routine. There is a time for mo ing coffee and newspaper. Time to spend the afte oon with family, pick up the child from school or take a NAP. The time to meet with friends and have a snack with an aperitif and so on.

Not to live, to work and to work in order to have time to live. And to manage to live well.

To be more forgiving to yourself. "Why not?" is a philosophy of life.

Italy is full of temptations: delicious coffee at every step and delightful desserts, great wine, vkusnyuschey ice cream, interior shops and shops with accessories, where it is impossible to leave without buying. So why not?! The idea is not to indulge in the small pleasures, and so Ч every day.

Important: this is not about jamming problems, it's not about excessive pampering yourself, this is a little bit, then when you want to continue to feel that life is beautiful!

Spending time with my family. The family is a fortress.

When you run out of money, forget your accomplishments, will disperse light on friends, all that will be left is your family. Under constant political and economic instability, typical for Italy throughout its history, the family was often the only place where you will shelter and will not betray.

Now, all is not so brutal, but family is still important. Italian Sunday dinners, which are all close and distant relatives, has already become a proverb, the Italians make fun of their family gatherings, but... observe. Because, despite the noise and the DIN, unbearable aunts, boring signature dish of the grandmother and the constant talk about the figure and the football family continues to give a sense of stability and security.

To walk with the children. Everywhere. Children are cool.

In Italy you glad to see everywhere with the children. Children everywhere: in pretentious restaurants, and beauty salons, and boutiques, not to mention the usual cafes, trattorias and shops. You will quickly bring specstylist, potatislada with the baby, will find something to occupy three years, Ч in General, if you have a baby, you're not a social outcast who is denied access to a decent place.

A healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle.

So pasta and pizza not affect the figure. The average Italian eats in a year 26 kg of pasta and wears a size M. You will find almost no Italians, dieters. Himself their daily diet already, in fact, the diet. It is based on several simple rules: simple balance vegetable / flour / protein foods / fruits, cook meals from fresh ingredients, use simple recipes, control the portions.

And the second aspect of the Italian Lifestyle: on foot and by bike. The machine is to travel to a large-scale shopping or to work, if you work far away. Buy is not weekly fills in the supermarket, the car is a daily call in a bunch of small shops and to the market for fresh-baked bread, prepared pesto, caught fish. Meeting with friends is a Park, Plaza, beach, hangout at the bar or near it Ч all on the feet.

Apparel makes the man. It's our way of communication.

The Italians are VERY conce ed about what impression they make on others. And you know it's good. It's beautiful. People on the streets of nice to look at. They have clothes for every occasion: you will not go to the Park in what will go to the market or to meet with friends.

Shorts, colorful shirts, slates summer in the city center somewhere in Rome or Florence is nonsense. If people dressed like that is a 100% tourist. To be good (not necessarily expensive!) and the situation accordingly dressed is respect for themselves and others. A very special story Ч how they treat with scarves, scarves, hats and other accessories. As one of my friends, my soul is ready to sell, to lea how to tie a scarf!

Good manners make life more pleasant.

Wherever you went, smile and greet all the people that had been there. When you go to a small supermarket near the house, greets you every servant, whether he is worth at the box office or is engaged in the display Ч it doesn't matter. Talking to a person who reply to his look, keep in touch. If you pushed, tell me first "Excuse me", and the incident will tu into an exchange of compliments. Some would call these things social tinsel, so be it, but it is pleasant to live in than without it, and society as a whole becomes kinder.

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