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флагSouthern Federal District 
Republic of Adygea






Time: Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD). UTC offset is +0300 (MSK)/+0400 (MSD).
Local time now:

Federal district: Southern Federal District (enclaved within Krasnodar Krai).
Capital: Maikop.
Main cities: Enem, Adygeysk.

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Land and Resources: Adygea is entirely surrounded by Krasnodar Krai. The Republic of Adygea is located on the scenic northern slopes of the Caucasus range descending to the fertile Kuban plain. It has an area of 7800 km2. The main territory of Adygea is located in the Kuban and Laba river valleys. In the mountainous parts of Adygea, a series of peaks-Shepsi, Oshten, Fisht, Chugush, and Pseashkho stretches from south to east. The navigable Kuban River is one of the largest rivers in the Caucasus. The Belaya, Laba, Pshish, Psekups, Kisha, Dakh, Cakhrai, Khodz, Fars, and many other rivers have their sources among the glaciers and permanent snowfields.
Climate: Moderately warm with average January temperature: -2°C; average July temperature is +22°C.
Transportation: There is a small airport in Maykop (ICAO airport code URKM). Several rail lines pass through the republic. The river Kuban is navigable. The nearest seaport is in Tuapse (150 km from Maikop). Public transportation in Maikop consists of city buses, trolleybuses and marshrutkas.

The Kuban, Laba, Belaya, and Adygea rivers are historical sites steeped in legends, where the celebrated Great Silk Route to Asia passed in the Middle Ages. The ancestors of the Adyge created the Maikop culture, well known in world archaeology.
Maykop was founded in 1857 as a Russian Kuban Cossack fortress. It served as an important strategic outpost during the finale of the Caucasian War in 1858–1863. It was granted town status in 1870. City Day: First Saturday of June.
At the Pushkin State Drama Theater, productions are staged in both official languages, i.e., Adygean and Russian. The Nalmes State Academic Adygean Folk Dance Ensemble and the Islamei State Adygean Folk Song Ensemble are examples of successful professional groups. New professional groups have also been formed, for example, the symphony orchestra of the Adygean Ministry of Culture, the Russkaya Udal State orchestra of Russian folk instruments, a choral ensemble, and the Oshten show ensemble, which popularizes the finest accomplishments of Russian popular culture.
There are 8 state and 23 public museums in the republic. The largest museum is the National Museum of the Republic of Adygea in Maykop. It possesses unique archaeological, ethnographic, and natural collections. A special section on the Adyge diaspora has been opened, resulting in a significant addition to the Museum`s exhibits on the period of the Caucasian War and the life of Adyge abroad. A branch of the State Museum of Eastern Peoples and a picture gallery have been opened in Maikop.
Burial mound “Oshad” of Scythian-sarmat period (the treasures from which are kept in the Hermitage) with a monument.
Ancient fort of Maykop.
Pushkin`s bust.
Monument “Friendship” (1557-1957), devoted to the 400th anniversary of Russia and Adygea unity.
Railway station,  built in 1910, Maykop.
Officers` House, 1907, Maykop.
Saint Trinity Church (XIX с.)
Svyato-voskresenskaya Church (built in 1833)
Armenian Church (built in 1912)
Hydropathic establishment (built in 1908)
Roman-Catholic Church (built in 1914)
Gorky Park (laid in 1866)
Memorial to the heroes of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars
Adygea Drama Theatre (Maykop)
Russian Pushkin Theatre (Maykop)
Puppet theatre “Chocolate” (Maykop)
The republic is in an area of mixed tourism and has considerable resources for hunters.
Several conservation areas have been created in Adygea, including the Caucasus State Biosphere Preserve spread over Adygea and Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, a number of unique natural monuments, and Gornaya Adygea National Park. Mountain hiking trails and a riding trail are also very popular.
The area where the Caucasian dolmens are found is the ancestral home of the Adyge-Abkhaz tribes. Today, there are five dolmen fields in the republic with about 200 whole and partly ruined dolmens.


Burial mound “Oshad” of Scythian-sarmat period

Пушкинский народный дом 1900г. г.Майкоп

The Pushkin national house

Мемориал в память героев Гражданской и Великой Отечественной войн

Memorial to the heroes of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars

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