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флагSiberian Federal District 
Aga-Buryat Autonomous Area






Time: Yakutsk Time Zone (YAKT/YAKST).
Local time now:

Federal district: Siberian Federal District (an administrative division of Zabaykalsky Krai, Russia).
Capital: urban-type settlement of Aginskoye.
Main cities: There are no cities, but there are 3 administrative districts (Aginsky, Duldurginsky, and Mogoituisky), 4 towns, and 35 rural administrations.

GISMETEO: Weather forecast Aginskoe

Land and Resources: The Aga-Buryat Autonomous Area is located in the southern part of Eastern Transbaikalia (Zabaikalye) and the southeastern part of Central Transbaikalia (Zabaikalye) between the Onon and Ingoda rivers. The area is situated entirely within the southern part of Chita Region. The area has mainly mountainous relief. The Cherskogo, Daursky, and Mogoituisky mountain ranges run in parallel from southwest to northeast, with the highest point being Alkhanai Mountain. The gently rolling Priononskaya Plain extends across the southern part of the area. Forests cover about 30% of the area; they are located on the north slopes of the mountain ranges and in the mountains.
Climate: Continental climate; average January temperature is -24°C, average July temperature +18°C.
Transportation: There are railway and highway connections with China. The settlements Aginskoye and Mogoytuy are important railway junctions.

Each of the area`s nationalities has its own history, culture, and way of life; therefore, they are trying not only to maintain existing cultural centers, but also to build new ones. Thus, the network of cultural institutions is continuing to develop. Clubs in the area hold concerts, quizzes, contests, and knowledge games. The holiday of Sagaalgan-the start of the new year according to the lunar calendar-is celebrated annually in the area. Public events and shows by drama groups and national theaters are held in connection with the holiday.
The large Aginsky and Tsugolsky Buddhist monasteries (datsans) built in the 19th century and two Orthodox churches function in the area. The region also has parks of culture and rest with a total area of 4200 hectares.
The Aga Buryat Autonomous Area is renowned for its skilled craftsmen with many years of experience in making household articles, harness, and women`s silver jewelry.
A museum of the RF Ministry of Culture operating in the area serves as the area`s scientific and cultural education center. The unique archeological finds, articles of daily life, etc. draw many visitors.
Alkhanai National Park, a holy place of Buddhism, was opened in the northwestern part of the area in the area of Alkhanai Mountain in 1999. The Uksakhai and Zymka preventative treatment centers built around mineral springs known as arshany are widely known throughout the country.
Monuments to legendary Babzha-Baros-bator, to Tsybikov (a famous traveler and researcher of the Central Asia and Tibet; the monument was erected in 1973), Tank T-34.
Svyato-Nikolsky Church.
Regional Local Lore Museum was founded in 1962 and has expositions devoted to nature, archeological monuments, ethnography, life of the indigenous population and to the famous Tsybikov.
20 community museums
Regional Drama and Synthesis Theatre “DaliTe”
There are more than 100 mineral springs (arshans), with popular resorts “Uksakhai” and “Zymka” based there.

Арка п. Агинское

Arch, the settlement Aginsky

п. Агинское

the settlement Aginsky

Памятник легендарному народному герою Бабжи-Барас-батору, п. Агинское

the Monument to legendary national hero Babzhi-Baras-bator, Aginsky

Стелла Сапсан

Stella "Sapsan" Aginsky

Юрта у Сапсана с традиционной символикой ленты жизни на дверях

the Yurta "Sapsan" with traditional symbolics of " a life tape "


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