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Republic of Bashkortostan






Time: Yekaterinburg Time Zone (YEKT/YEKST). UTC offset is +0500 (YEKT)/+0600 (YEKST).
Local time now:

Federal district: Volga (Privolzhsky) Federal District.
Capital: Ufa.
Main cities: Agidel, Baymak, Beloretsk, Birsk, Blagoveshchensk, Kumertau, Neftekamsk, Salavat, Sibay, Sterlitamak, Yanaul.

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Land and Resources: It is located between the Volga river and the Ural Mountains. Bashkortostan   , . contains part of the southern Urals and the adjacent plains. Area: 143,600 km². Bashkortostan borders Perm Krai (N), Sverdlovsk Oblast (NE), Chelyabinsk Oblast (NE/E/SE), Orenburg Oblast (SE/S/SW), Tatarstan (W), and Udmurtia (NW).
There are over 13,000 rivers in the republic. Many rivers are parts of deepwater transportation system of European Russia; they provide access to ports of the Baltic and the Black seas. Major rivers include: Belaya (Ağidel) River, Ufa (Öfö) River, Sakmara River and others. There are 2,700 lakes and reservoirs in the republic. The republic contains part of the southern Urals, which stretch from the northern to the southern border.
Climate: Average January temperature: -16 C; average July temperature: +18 C.
Transportation: The Ufa Airport connects the city to several towns in Russia, as well as to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

Ufa was founded in 1574 and acquired the status of a city in 1586. It has dynamically developed since then.
Bashkortostan holds a leading position among all other Russian federal subjects on a number of museums, public libraries, book stocks, and municipal clubs.
The republic has seven Bashkir, four Russian, and two Tatar State Drama Theaters, the State Opera and Ballet Theater, the National Symphony Orchestra, "Bashkortostan" film-studio, thirty philharmonic collectives.
Folklore singing and dancing companies, a network of national theaters, museums, and libraries are on the rise; annual folk festivals became a tradition here.
Ten scientific institutes have been created under the Ufa Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as the Botanical Gardens, the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography which comprises a unique collection of verbal poetic and musical folk lore, exhibits in archeology, ethnography and anthropology.
The capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan is closely associated with brilliant figures of culture - writer S.T. Aksakov, singer Fyodor Chaliapin, numerous scientists, publicists, actors, playwrights and writers.
The capital also boasts six theatres (State opera and Ballet Theater, Bashkir Drama Theatre, Russian  -Drama Theatre, National Youth Theatre, State Tatar Theatre Nur, Bashkir State Puppet Theatre), Bashkir State Philharmonic Society, museums, culture centers and clubs, a circus, ballet and choreography studios, cinemas, a planetarium, two centralized library networks, children`s music and arts schools.
Ethnic culture festivals and recitals of Turkic, Slavonic and other nations are staged in the Republic`s capital. The 1st World Kurultai (Congress) of Bashkirs, Tatars` Congresses, Sobor (Assembly) of Russians, and Kanash of Chuvashes have become the events of a global significance.
A monument remembering Salavat Yulayev in Ufa
Monument of Friendship in Ufa was erected in honor of the celebration of 400 years of voluntary joining of Bashkortostan in Russia in 1965.
National Museum
Archeology and Ethnography Museum
Geology Museum
Forest Museum
Memorial Museums of Aksakov, Lenin, Gafuri, Tyulkin.
There is a national park Bashkiria, Bashkir reserve, Shulgan-Tash reserve.
Eternal Fire, Victory Park
Monument to Matrosov and Gubaidullin
Marshal Zhukov Monument
Svyato-Sergievskiy Cathedral
Our Lady Cathedral
Pokrovskiy Cathedral
Mosques: Lya-lya Tyulpan, Khamza-Khadzhi, Ihlas, Gufran.


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