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флагCentral Federal District
Belgorod Region






Time: Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD). UTC offset is +0300 (MSK)/+0400 (MSD).
Local time:

Federal district: Central Federal District.
Capital: Belgorod.
Main cities: Alexeyevka, Gubkin, Shebekino, Stary Oskol, Valuyki.

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Land and Resources: Belgorod Region is located in the southern European part of the Russian Federation in the Central Black Earth region at the intersection of railways and highways. It borders on Kursk and Voronezh regions and Ukraine. Belgorod Region is the jewel of the Central Black Earth region. The enormous mineral reserves of the Kursk magnetic anomaly are located here, and the region is famous for its rich black soils and farmland. The relatively shallow Seversky Donets, Oskol, Tikhaya Sosna (Don basin), and Vorskla (Dnieper basin) rivers flow through the region, and there are also many ponds. Pine and oak forests grow on the sandy terraces of the left banks of the Seversky Donets, Oskol, and other rivers.
Climate: The region has a temperate continental climate with an average January temperature of -8.7 °C and an average July temperature of +21 °C.
Transportation: Well developed railway and highway networks, an international airport in Belgorod. There are electric trains to Kharkov. There is a railway and bus stations in Stary Oskol.

Belgorod was founded in 1237. Belgorod Region`s particular geographical location has a great influence on the use of its territory for recreation, medical treatment, and tourism. On the one hand, the region is close to the capital; and on the other hand, it is close to the main traditional recreational areas such as the Crimea, the Caucasus, the Sea of Azov, and the Black Sea. Vacationers head south to the sea and the mountains in summer and north to the central region for educational and cultural tours.On the eastern outskirts of Belgorod, in the former settlement of Pushkarnaya, the stone church of Aristratig Mikhail (1844) with its columned portico rises up on a hillside.
Another point of interest is the Church of the Archangel Michael (Mikhaila Arkhangela; 1804-1811) in the former settlement of Borisovka 47 km from Belgorod (the ancestral estate of Count B.P. Sheremetev (a general in the time of Peter the Great) and a center of icon painting and other artistic crafts). The remains of a former 18th century estate can be seen in the village of Golovchino west of Borisovka; and the remains (ditches, ramparts, and a one-cupola church in the center) of one of the strongest fortresses (1640) of the Belgorod Defensive Line have been preserved in the old village of Khotmyzhsk (formerly a city) near Golovchino on the right bank of the Vorskla River.
Belgorod Drama Theater is named after one of the famous 19th-century actors Mikhail Shchepkin who was born in this region. There is also a Puppet theatre.
Museums: two art museums and a Local Lore Museum; memorial complex “Kursk Arch” in Yakovlevo; diorama “Ognennaya Arch”, Museum of tank Battle in Prokhorovka.
Pokrovskaya Church (1711 г.), Smolensk Cathedral (1737-64 гг.), Roman-Catholic church (beginning of the 19 c.), Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral (1813 г.) and others.
Cherneevo-Nikolsky monastery (XVII-XIX cc.) near Shebekino; a Convent in Belgorod.
Stary Oskol (founded in1593). Annual Festival “Oskl Lira” in July.

г. Белгород

Памятник Щепкину, г. Белгород

the Monument to Schepkin

Женский монастырь, г. Белгород

the Female monastery

Иосафовский собор, г. Белгород

the Iosafovsky cathedral

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