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флагCentral Federal District
Bryansk Region






Time: Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD).
Local time now:

Federal district: Central Federal District.
Capital: Bryansk.
Main cities: Dyatkovo, Klintsy.

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Land and Resources: It is located in the central part of the country and has an area of 34 900 km2, which larger than many countries. Forests are Bryansk Region`s main resource. They cover about 40% of its territory and have a rich flora and fauna.
Climate: The region is situated in temperate latitudes and has a temperate continental climate. The Atlantic Ocean has a strong influence on the climate, bringing moist winds that moderate summer heat and winter cold and carry precipitation. Average temperatures are -7 °C in January and +18 °C in July.
Transportation: Bryansk – is a large railway junction (connections to Moscow, Kiev, Gomel, Smolensk, Orel, Vyazma). Highway connections: М-3 (Moscow — Kiev), М-13 (Bryansk — Kobrin), А-141 (Orel — Roslavl). There is an international airport “Bryansk”, railway station “Bryansk 1”, bus stations. Public transport in Bryansk consists of marshrutkas, buses, trolleybuses, suburban electric trains. Other important transport junctions are Unecha and Navlya.

Bryansk was founded in 985 as a fortress. Bryansk was one of the cultural centers of Rus in the Middle Ages. Painters, architects, carvers, jewelers, smiths, and embroideresses all worked in Bryansk. In each century, they beautified the churches, houses, and streets in their own way. Bryansk itself is connected with the golden age of Russian national culture. Bryansk is a distinctive territory filled with objects from its past. There are some 20 museums in the region, the largest being the Bryansk Regional Historical and Geographical Museum, whose building is an integral part of the ensemble of buildings in Partisan Square in Bryansk. It has 14 branches in other cities and towns of the region. The historical center is located on the Pokrovsky Hill with the Kremlin.
Present-day Bryansk is also a center of theater arts. The origins of a permanent professional public theater in Russia lie in past history, in oral folk drama arising from public merrymaking, the performances of folk actors (wandering minstrel-clowns), liturgical dramas, school theater, and the first public performances in the early 18th century. Today, the region has three theaters.
The Bryansk lands were celebrated for their outstanding native architecture, embroidery, wood carving, and glasswork. Internationally known Russian epic songs (byliny) have been discovered here. A large number of old folksongs, lamentations, and tales distinguished for their originality and high artistic merit were also written here.
The city of Bryansk is famous for its regional Drama Theatre named after A.K. Tolstoy and some other theatres. The concert hall "Friendship" constructed specially to commemorate the millennium of Bryansk adorned the Desna quay. The Bryansk Philharmonic society and the Bryansk Musical School enjoy wide popularity among its amateurs. A number of musical educational establishments and establishments of culture in Bryanskaya Oblast provide great opportunity to develop young great talents. So the Bryansk City Academic Chorus in two years became the winner of prestigious international contests in Moscow, Spain, Hungary and Italy.
Drama theatre, Puppet Theatre, Youth theatre.
Art Museum
Local lore Museum


Церковь (1702-05), г. Брянск

Church (1702-05)

Музей леса, г. Брянск

Museum of Forest

Центральный монумент на Покровской горе

the Central monument on the Pokrovsk mountain

Монумент жертвам Чернобыльской аварии (открыт в 2006 году)

the Monument to victims of Chernobyl failure

Encarta World Atlas - Official site of Bryansk Regional Administration

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