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флагUrals Federal District
Chelyabinsk Region






Time: Yekaterinburg Time Zone (YEKT/YEKST). UTC offset is +0500 (YEKT)/+0600 (YEKST).
Local time now:

Federal district: Urals Federal District.
Capital: Chelyabinsk.
Main cities: Zlatoust, Katav-Ivanovsk, Satka, Troitsk, Miass, Magnitogorsk, Kopeisk, Plast, Ozersk.

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Land and Resources: Chelyabinsk Region is located at the boundary between Europe and Asia in the southern Ural Mountains and adjacent plain. It has an area of 87 900 km2. The Ural Mountains cut across the northwestern part of the region. Rolling hills alternate with valleys in the eastern part of the region. The central part is also hilly. Chelyabinsk Region is situated in the watershed of the Volga, Ural, and Tobol river basins.
Climate: Due to its location deep in the European continent, Chelyabinsk Region has a continental climate with long cold winters, and short warm summers.
Transportation: The city is served by Chelyabinsk Balandino Airport. Chelyabinsk started construction of a 3-line subway network in 1993. It is proceeding slowly using the New Austrian Tunneling method. Pending financing, the opening of the first section is scheduled for 2010.

Chelyabinsk Region has nearly 3170 lakes, including many stunningly beautiful ones in the northeast. It also has a wide variety of therapeutic bathing resources, such as organic and mineral mud and alkaline water. The Ilmen Mineralogical Reserve located on the eastern slopes of the Urals is famous for more than 70 kinds of rocks and 260 minerals that have been discovered there.
Chelyabinsk Region has 15 theaters and 3 concert organizations. Nine of these theaters (five state and four municipal theaters), an art gallery, a philharmonic and organ hall, a circus, several museums, 19 movie theaters, a municipal jazz center, and a contemporary art center are located in the capital.
Tours by Russian and foreign artistic companies add variety to the region`s cultural life. The Kamerata chamber theater festival and an international organ music festival are held annually in Chelyabinsk.
Alexander Nevsky Church in Chelyabinsk was founded in 1907 in the former location of the Alexander Chapel. It was consecrated in 1911. During the Soviet power, the church building was disfigured by renovations; it was used as an office space by a variety of organizations. In 1987, the original appearance of the building was restored, and an organ was installed in the church. Since then, the building is known as the Hall of Chamber and Organ Music at the Crimson Field.
Chelyabinsk Drama Theatre
Chelyabinsk Opera and Ballet Theatre
Chelyabinsk Puppet Theatre
Chelyabinsk Youth Theatre
Geology Museum
Urals Arts and Crafts Museum
Chelyabinsk Picture Gallery
Chelyabinsk Mineralogy Museum
Chelyabinsk Local Lore Museum
Church of Prelate Vassily the Great in Chelyabinsk
Simeonovsky Holy Temple in Chelyabinsk
Temple «Recovery of the dead»
Temple «to comfort my sadness» in Chelyabinsk
History Museum in Chelyabinsk - participant «7 Wonders of Russia»
Monument tankist-volunteers in Chelyabinsk
Monument «Katyusha» in Chelyabinsk
The architectural composition «The scope of love» in Chelyabinsk
The Orlyonok Monument in Chelyabinsk
Nature Park «Serpievsky cave city»
Salavat Yulaev Cave in Chelyabinsk region
Zyuratkul National Park in Chelyabinsk Oblast
There are national parks and preserves, game and botanical reserves, botanical sights in Chelyabinsk Oblast, and resorts on the Uvilda and Kisegach lakes.
Aleksandrovskaya Hill – one of the most popular and reachable sights. The top of the mountain is crossed by the boundary between Europe and Aisa.
Museum-reserve Arkaim (south of the Chelyabinsk Oblast) where the remains of one of the ancient towns were found. There is a historical park-museum with lots of reconstructed monuments of the old times.

Tamerlan Tower (XIV c.), located on the south of Chelyabinsk oblast.
Zlatoust - an old city in the Ural mountains: local lore museum, churches.

To the north of the city there is a national park Taganai which is a popular tourist attraction.
Magnitogorsk, where the Ural river divides Europe and Asia. Monument to the First Tent in honor to the explorers of the Magnitnaya mountain. Three theatres.
Environs of Miass: Ilmen reserve, Naturalistic Museum, Turgoyak Lake

ул.Кирова Челябинск


Музей-заповедник Аркаим

Museum-reserve Arkaim

Таганай, Челябинская область



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