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флагFar Eastern Federal District
Jewish Autonomous Region






Time: Vladivostok Time Zone (VLAT/VLAST). UTC offset is +1000 (VLAT)/+1100 (VLAST).
Local time now:

Federal district: Far Eastern Federal District.
Capital: Birobidzhan.
Main cities: Obluchye, Evreysk.

GISMETEO: Weather forecast Birobidzhan

Land and Resources: The Jewish Autonomous Region is located in the Trans-Amur (Priamurye) Вид города Биробиджанаterritory of the Russian Far East. It has an area of 36 300 km2 (0.21% of the Russian Federation). The region borders on China in the south and west, Amur Region in the northwest, and Khabarovsk Territory in the north, northeast, and east. The Amur River connects the region to the Pacific Ocean. Other rivers belonging to the Amur basin include the Bira, Bidzhan, Birakan, In, Urmi, and Ikura.
Climate: The Jewish Autonomous Region has a temperate monsoon climate. Average winter temperatures range from -21 to -26 °C with relatively little snow. Summers are warm and humid with average temperatures from +18 to +21 °C.
Transportation: The Trans-Siberian Railway passes through the region, connecting it with Western Europe, Middle East, and countries of the Asia-Pacific region. There is an airport in Birobidzhan. Public transportation consists of buses and marshrutkas.

Birobidzhan is the home of the Birobidzhan Synagogue and the Jewish religious community of the Главная площадь БиробиджанаJewish Autonomous Oblast. City Day: Last Saturday of May.
Tourism is constantly developing and improving in the Jewish Autonomous Region. The closest tourist relations are with China.
Extensive taiga in the JAR, steep rocks and rapid streams are ideal for productive leisure. In taiga the licensed hunting for bear, wild boar, Siberian stag, roe deer and other animals is available.
Mountains of the Lesser Khingan are popular among Far East climbers and cave explorers. Rapid mountain rivers are equally good for fishing and extreme rafting.
In the Jewish Autonomous Region there are relic nature places: a relic cedar wood, the Cherepashy (Tortoise) Creek, the Monakh Cliff and others. The Lebedinnoye (Swan) Lake takes the special place in the list of rare nature places. Here rare Komarov lotus grows. Ecological paths and viewing grounds are created in lakesides. The real miracle of nature is karst caves. Each of them is interesting in its own way: some of them attract speleotourists with gigantic stalactites, others – with underground lakes and flocks of bats. The biggest and most famous cave in the Jewish Autonomous Region is the Ledovaya (Ice) Cave. Its size is 18,5 thousand m³.
Flora and fauna of the region are various and original. For protection of rare and disappearing kinds in the autonomy especially protected natural territories having the status of botanical, biological and geological nature monuments are organized, the network of reserves is created. 
The state natural reserve Bastak is created for preservation of rare kinds of flora and fauna. On the Bastak`s territory there is the all-the-year-round ecological route of 1,5 km, prepared for children of school age and adults. Duration of the excursion is 1 hour. Special preparation is not required. Tourists are get acquainted with the Far East taiga, observe representatives of local fauna in natural conditions.
At mountainsides of the Lesser Khingan near the city of Obluchye there is a popular mountain-skiing Биробиджанcomplex. It includes two mountain-skiing routes and a snowboard route. The length of skiing routes is 1000 and 1100 meters, the average steepness is 15-20°. The length of the snowboard route is 600 meters, its steepness is 25°. The complex is equipped with a system of lifts. Experienced trainers help vacationists. After skiing or snowboarding one can have a rest in guest houses, take a cup of coffee or have a dinner in a cafe.
Birobidzhan: Visitors find the town surprisingly green. Sholom-Aleichem Street, the architectural complex of a pedestrian zone with fountains, arbors and other elements in the city centre has been created. The Birobidzhan Synagogue, completed in 2004, is next to a complex housing Sunday School classrooms, a library, a museum, and administrative offices. The buildings were officially opened in 2004 to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast.
The region also has medicinal mineral springs.


Encarta World Atlas - Official site of the Administration of the Jewish Autonomous Region

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