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флагSouthern Federal District
Republic of Ingushetia






Time: Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD). UTC offset is +0300 (MSK)/+0400 (MSD).
Local time now:

Federal district: Southern Federal District.
Capital: Magas.
Main cities: Nazran, Karabulak, Malgobek.

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Land and Resources: Ingushetia is situated on the northern slopes of the Caucasus. Area: 4,000 km². Borders: Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (SW/W/NW/N), Chechen Republic (NE/E/SE); Georgia (S). The highest point is Gora Shan (4451 m). A 150 km stretch of the Caucasus Mountains runs through the territory of the republic. Major rivers include: Terek River, Assa River, Sunzha River.
Climate: Climate of Ingushetia is mostly continental. Average January temperature: -3 -10°C. Average July temperature: +21°C.
Transportation: The territory of the republic is crossed by the North-Caucasus Railway and an automobile road Baku – Mineralnye Vody – Rostov-on-Don – Moscow. There is an international airport “Magas”. There is a railway station in Nazran.
Magas is the capital of the Republic of Ingushetia, Russia. The town was founded in 1995; it replaced Nazran as the capital of the republic in 2002, however accommodating still as little as 300 inhabitants. It is the smallest town (gorod) in Russia.
The president`s palace and the government building were built in rich oriental style, and a business district is under construction.
The local government is considering the development of tourism however this is problematic due to the uneasy situation in the republic itself and the proximity of some conflict zones.
Ingushetia boasts natural attractions and ancient monuments, fabulous landscapes and mineral springs.
There are about 1500 monuments of history and culture, among which 100 are tower-like settlements. The most ancient of them are two (or more) storied towers used for living or military purposes. The most imposing is the lately restored temple There are also barrows (or necropolis). Some of the architectural monuments are being restored now.
The pearl of the Republic is Dzheirakh gorge which is in fact an open-air museum with a sanatorium “Armkhi”.
Ingushetia Drama Theatre
Youth`s Theater
Russian Drama Theatre “Sovremennik”
State Philharmonic
Central Mosque
State Museum of Local Lore of Ingushetia
Museum-memorial devoted to the victims of political repressions (1997)




Towers in Ingushetia


the House in Ingushetia


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