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Kamchatka Region






Time: Kamchatka Time Zone (PETT/PETST). UTC offset is +1200 (PETT)/+1300 (PETST).
Local time now:

Federal district: Far Eastern Federal District.
Capital: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Main cities: Elizovo, Ust-Kamchatsk, Klyuchi.

GISMETEO: Weather forecast Petropavlovsk-K.

Land and Resources: To the north, it bordered Magadan Oblast and Chukotka Autonomous Вид на Петропавловск-Камчатский со стороны Авачинской бухты, на дальнем плане вулкан Корякская сопкаOkrug. Koryak Autonomous Okrug was located in the northern part of the oblast. Including Koryakia, the total area of the oblast was 472,300 km², encompassing the southern half of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Kamchatka, a peninsula comparable in size to Japan, is washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Bering and Okhotskoe Seas. Russia`s large volcanic belt, made up of 29 active craters, stretches along its shore. On Kamchatka you also find the last stretches of Siberian taiga. In the center of Kamchatka is found Eurasia`s only Geyser Valley. More than 150 thermal springs are scattered throughout the peninsula.
Climate: The climate is subarctic (Köppen Dfc). Temperatures in winter are milder than in Siberia—a typical January day averages −7.3 ℃ (18.9 ℉), while in summer 20 ℃ (68 ℉) constitutes an average July maximum.
Transportation: Major seaports are Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Ust-Kamchatsk. The river Kamchatka is also navigable. The main airport is in Elizovo (international). Public transportation in the capital city consists of buses and marshrutkas.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is the city and the administrative, industrial, scientific, and cultural center of Kamchatka Krai (Russia). It was founded by the explorer Vitus Bering, who reached Avacha Bay in 1740 and laid the foundation stone for the port of Petropavlovsk, which is named after his two ships, the St. Peter and the St. Paul, built in Okhotsk for his second expedition.
The city has developed a tourist infrastructure. About twenty large tourism companies offer a wide range of services from bear hunting to paragliding. No roads connect the Kamchatka Peninsula to the rest of the world. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is the second largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road after Iquitos, Peru. Travel to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is expensive but is growing in popularity because of the remarkable scenery throughout the peninsula.
Most of the sights are concentrated between the seaport and the Theatre Square:
Monument to Laperuz, not far away from Theatre Square.
Nikolsky volcano.
There are monuments to saint Peter and Paul in the city.
Monument to Vitus Bering in the settlement Nikolskoye.
Local Lore Museum
Geology Museum
Museum of Battle Glory
In the vicinity of the capital one can see: the Ocean with its black beaches and rocks; the rock “ThreeИсторический центр Петропавловска-Камчатского brothers” – a symbol of Petropavlovsk; Paratunka – famous hot springs; Milkovo – an interesting Local Lore Museum and Picture Gallery; Anavgai – Evenk settlement.
Klyuchi: a museum, volcanoes of the Klyuchevskaya.
Ust-Kamchatsk: monument to the sailors.
Natural reserve “Nalychevo”: different routes, pristine environment; hiking, fishing, swimming in the hot springs are possible. The park is a UNESCO sight.
The following tours are suggested: trekking, hiking (volcanoes, mountain tops, rafting), hunting and fishing. bird watching, mountain skiing, flights to Kuril and Komandor Islands, visiting original settlements, farms.
Resorts: Naciki, Paratunka.


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