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флагSouthern Federal District
Karachay-Cherkess Republic







Time: Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD). UTC offset is +0300 (MSK)/+0400 (MSD).
Local time now:

Federal district: Southern Federal District.
Capital: Cherkessk.
Main cities: Karachaevsk, Ust-Dzheguta, Taberda.

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Land and Resources: The Karachay-Cherkess Republic occupies an area of 14 300 sq. km. The republic is situated in the foothills of the Northwest Caucasus. It is bounded on the west by Krasnodar Territory, on the north and northeast by Stavropol Territory, and on the east by the Kabardino-Balkar Republic. The southern boundary runs along the Main Caucasus range with Озеро Хурла-Кель в горах Карачаево-ЧеркесииGeorgia and Abkhazia. Most of the territory of the republic (about 80%) is mountainous. The Front Ranges of the Greater Caucasus extend through the northern part, while in the south, the Dividing and Lateral ranges of the Greater Caucasus reaching heights of 4000 m stretch from the Malaya Laba River. Mt. Elbrus, the highest peak in the Caucasus, is situated on the border with Kabardino-Balkaria. The Marukh and Klukhor passes lead through the range extending to the Black Sea coast. To the north stretch the Rocky and Pasture ranges. There are about 130 glacial alpine lakes and numerous alpine waterfalls; 172 small and large rivers flow through the republic, the largest of which are the Kuban, Bolshoi and Maly Zelenchuk, Urup, and Laba rivers.
Climate: The climate is relatively warm, with short winters and long, warm, fairly moist summers. Long sunny periods are characteristic of the climate. The average January temperature is 3.2°C, and the average July temperature is 20.6°C; the highest recorded temperature is 39°C, and the lowest is -29°C.
Transportation: There is a railway station in Cherkessk (Nevinnomyssk – Ust-Dsheguta). Public transportation within Cherkessk consists of trolleybuses, buses and marshrutkas.

The city of Cherkessk was founded in 1804 as Cossack stanitsa Batalpashinskaya, after Batal-Pasha, a Turkish general of Circassian origin, who was defeated in the battle on this territory in 1790. In 1931 it was given a town status and was renamed Batalpashinsk; then Sulimov in 1934, then Yezhovo-Cherkessk in 1937, and finally Cherkessk in 1939.
Drama Theater: ethnic, modern and classical plays
State Philharmonic: classical and ethnic orchestra performances
Elbrus State Ensemble: ethnic caucasian dances, dance studio
Ensemble of Cossack Dance and Song: ethnic performances
Teberdinsk State reserve
Territory of the reserve stretches along the southern slope of Main Caucasian ridge and its lateral spurs; it includes upper reaches of the basin of the Teberda river and a separate section in Arhiz, in the upper reaches of the Bolshoi Zelentchuk river. From the north the reserve is limited by confluents of the Tiberda – the Dzhamagat and Mukhu, from the south – Main dividing ridge, from the east and the west – its spurs. 43 species of mammals, among which the most typical representative is western Caucasian goat, or Caucasian stone goat, dwell on the territory of the reserve. Pride of the reserve is bison – the largest among wild animals of the Europe.
Dombai is located on the territory of Teberdinsky state preserve. “Heart of mountains”, Dombai, is Домбай - международный центр туризма, горнолыжного спорта и альпинизмаsurrounded with them from all sides. A peculiar symbol of Dombai is beautiful Belialakaya rock (a stripy rock), which was called in such way because of several belts of white quartz, thickness of which is up to 50 m. Pick Kop (3,400 m), Eriog are seen behind it, tower Alibek-bashi (3,782 m) shows black. Mountain Sulahat, resembling a lying woman, is seen. A wonderful panorama of Main Caucasian ridge, appearing in form of a continuous cogged wall opens from a top of Mussa-Achitara. Word “dombai” is translated from Karachai “bison”. In the mountains of Teberda and Dombai there are numerous waterfalls: Tchuhursky, Ptishsky, Sophrudzhinsky, Alibeksky, Shupka; mountain lakes: Kluhorskoe lake, which was formed in the basin of a waning ice at height of 2,690 m; relic forests.
Dombai is a center of alpinism and tourism in Caucasus. Perhaps there is no other place with such natural resources as Dombai glade. All, what attracts numerous tourists and alpinists, is concentrated in the small area. Ten alpinist camps are concentrated mainly on the same glade. The whole tourist complex of 12 hotels operate in Dombai glade at present time. 5 lines of funiculars, a jig-back ropeway, a net of towing roads (length of which is 200-600 m). Descending from Mussa-Achitara ridge is possible by tens ways of routes of different degrees of steepness, difficultness and speed, that satisfies tastes of experienced alpinists and beginners. Many pedestrian and horse routes begin from Dombai meadow. Season for pedestrian and horse walks begins from June, rock-climbers “wake up”. And already at the end of October there are first skiers.
There is much sun in Arkhiz. In the Northern Caucasus it is called “pole of clearness”. At the same time much precipitations fall. The name of the settlement originates form Karachai words “artsu kiz” – beautiful girl. From of old Arkhiz has been famous for its mountain salubrious climate. The most favorable place in respect of climate is Arkhiiz hole and valleys, bordering with it. The hole is protected from all sides by high ridges thus special conditions, which are characterized by few clouds, large number of sunny days, dryness of the air, lack of strong winds, are created.
The flora and fauna of Arkhiz is very rich and various, therefore in 1957 this area was joined Teberdinsk state reserve. Monument of the nature is also Arkhiz beech forest (a special tablet contains points to this fact).
Entering the settlement Arkhiz you find yourself in the atmosphere of a tiny settlement. Sensation of peace, calm and regularity of life grips you from the first minutes of your stay here. It is especially good here for nature-lovers, not disfiguring by progress.
City-resort Teberda is located in the very middle of the Western Caucasus mountains at height ofСентинский храм, возведен в первой половине X века 1,300 – 1,350 m above sea level. Resort Teberda is a wonderful sunny area. From all sides the resort is surrounded with emerald mountains of fanciful outlines: ridges Kurndelenle, Muhu, Dzhamagat, Hatipara, Garali-Kol. Dozens of picturesque gorges pull out walls of ridges. Many of them with luxuriant southern flora, forests and meadows occupy huge territories.
Teberda resort today is a center of tourism and a climatic balneal resort, widely known both in Russia and abroad. There are some sanatoriums, equipped with modern technique, here. The latest technologies and medicine achievements in curing sick men. There are also sanatoriums, meant for co-rest of parents with their children, a qualified medical staff work in them.



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