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флагFar Eastern Federal District
Koryak Autonomous Area






Time: MSK+9 (UTC+12, summer UTC+13).
Local time now:

Federal district: Far Eastern Federal District.
Capital: Palana (an urban-type settlement).
Main cities: villages of Ossora, Tilichiki, Kamenskoe, Tigil.

GISMETEO: Weather forecast Palana

Land and Resources: The Koryak Autonomous Area is located on the northern Kamchatka Авачинский вулкан на КамчаткеPeninsula, occupying about 60% of its territory, as well as the adjoining part of the mainland and Karaginsky Island. It has coastlines on the Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk. The region borders on Kamchatka Region in the south, Magadan Region in the northwest, and Chukotka Autonomous Area in the north. The Koryak and Kolyma mountains are located within the area, and the Middle (Sredinny) Range extends through the southern part.
Climate: The climate is subarctic, with average January temperatures of -24°C to -26°C and average July temperatures of +10°C to +14°C.
Transportation: Main means of transport – air and sea. The river Penzhina is navigable. There is a seaport 2 km away from Palana. An airport in Palana and Korf.

The culture of the Koryak area attracts interest with its rich, centuries-old traditions. It developed over many years and became increasingly diversified through the influence of various nationalities.
There are six museums in the Koryak Autonomous Area with 8200 exhibits. Since fishing is the area`s main industry, the museums have many old examples of fishing gear. There is also a large collection of national costumes.
The Koryak Autonomous Area places great emphasis on its native languages.
A vacation in the Koryak Autonomous Area is full of variety, in spite of the climatic conditions. This is a remote territory of wild mountains and river valleys, crystal-clear lakes, and beautiful volcanoes. With the approach of the warm season, this marvelous natural area is taken over by thousands of tourists wanting to experience the exotic. Hikes to volcanoes and hot springs, rafting on mountain rivers, and hunting and fishing attract tourists from around the world. Much of the area is mountainous, which has led to rapid development of alpine skiing. Ski areas are located on the highest hills; the best centers are Moroznaya, Krasnaya Sopka, and Edelweiss. The longest slope is at Moroznaya (2100 m), and the highest is at Edelweiss (800 m); it is illuminated after dark. The gradient of the runs varies from 20 to 30°. There are also runs for novices and ski instructors. There are many activities for those who simply want to relax instead of skiing. Tourists can swim in natural therapeutic waters from hot springs. This kind of bathing has restorative and beneficial effects on the human organism. Excursions to the Valley of the Geysers are available to anyone interested. Geysers are one of nature`s most interesting objects. They are unique and beautiful creations found in only a few places on earth, e.g., Iceland, New Zealand, and Yellowstone National Park in the US. There are more than 40 geysers in the valley, the largest being Velikan. For those who love primeval nature, the territory offers great opportunities for enjoying virgin wilderness. The area`s environment has undergone many formation cycles, making it unique. It formed under difficult climatic conditions, and so it is very different from other parts of Siberia and the Far East.
The wildlife is typical of the tundra: sable, fox, ermine, and bears. Many tourists come to hunt in the Посёлок ПаланаKoryak forests. Here you can hunt bears, Koryak snow sheep, moose, caribou, and musk deer. Hunters regard the snow sheep as the finest trophy, with horns that can reach lengths of 80 to 100 cm. For those who prefer more dangerous hunting, tour companies can arrange bear hunts; individual bears sometimes reach a weight of 600 kg. However, this kind of hunting is more than just of sporting interest or a chase after trophies; it is also about romanticism, since while tracking an animal hunters live in tents and cook over a campfire. Many tourists take a vacation in this remote part of Russia solely for this purpose. Tour companies also offer fishing trips of the Bystraya and Plotnikova rivers. There are few places in Russia where you can catch fish like Koryak fish.


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