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флагUrals Federal District
Kurgan Region






Time: Yekaterinburg Time Zone (YEKT/YEKST). UTC offset is +0500 (YEKT)/+0600 (YEKST).
Local time now:

Federal district:
Urals Federal District.
Capital: Kurgan.
Main cities: Shadrinsk, Dalmatovo, Kataisk, Kurtamysh, Makushino, Petukhovo, Shumikha, and Shchuchye.

Land and Resources: Kurgan Region is located southeast of the Urals on the southern part (Ishimskaya Steppe) of the West Siberian Plain in the middle reaches of the Tobol River. Kurgan Region is one of the smallest regions in the Urals. The region has an area of only 71 500 km2, but a number of small European states could easily fit into it. It borders on Sverdlov Region in the north and northwest, Chelyabinsk Region in the west and southwest, Kazakhstan in the south and southeast, and Tyumen Region in the east and northeast. Kurgan Region is located in the forest, forest steppe, and steppe zones. The main rivers are the Tobol (with the Iset, Miass, Tech, and Sinara rivers), Ui, Kurtamysh, and Yurgamysh. There are more than 2500 lakes, mainly in the eastern and southwestern parts of the region. One-quarter of them are mineralized, where the water and mud have medicinal properties. The largest lakes are Chernoe, Steklenei, and Donki, which are excellent bases for fish farming and fishing.
Climate: It has a severe continental climate with long cold winters and warm summers with regular droughts. The average January temperature is -18 °C, and the average temperature in the warmest month (July) is +19 °C.
Transportation: Kurgan Region is situated at the intersection of the Tran-Siberian Railway with transportation routes to the major centers of the European and Asian parts of the country, especially with the Urals.

Kurgan is one of the oldest cities in Siberia.
Kurgan is not only interesting to residents of the city, but is also attractive to foreign tourists because of the exciting hunting. Kurgan Region abounds with every kind of game; however, the favorite game animals among foreign visitors are Siberian roe deer, moose, wolves, wild boar, lynx, raccoons, wood and black grouse, hares, foxes, wild ducks and geese, and other marshland game birds.
The Kurgan Regional Drama Theater was born and has grown together with the region. The new building, erected in early 50s, was a wonderful gift for the residents of the city.
Shadrinsk Drama Theatre
Kurgan Museum of Local Lore
Kuchelbecker House and Museum in Kurgan
Kurgan Art Museum
Home-museum of Maltsev (Maltsevo, Shadrinsk region)
Museum of Aviation (Kurgan)

Bogoyavlensky Cathedral (The Epiphany Cathedral) in Kurgan
Svyato-Nikolskaya Chapel (Saint Nicholas Chapel) in Kurgan
Saint Alexander Nevsky Temple in Kurgan
Dalmatovsky Monastery

Fire-observation-tower in Kurgan
The Ilizarov Russian Scientific Center for Reconstructive Traumotology and Orthopedics, established in 1971 in Kurgan, is one of the largest scientific and medical institutions in...


Puppet theatre ‘Gulliver’.

усадьба Березина

History Museum in Kurgan

дом декабриста Нарышкина

Museum of Decembrists

Encarta World Atlas - Official Site of the Administration of Kurgan Region

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