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флагFar Eastern Federal District
Magadan region






Time: Magadan Time Zone (MAGT/MAGST). UTC offset is +1100 (MAGT)/+1200 (MAGST).
Local time now:

Federal district: Far Eastern Federal District.
Capital: Magadan.
Main cities: Ola, Palatka, Ust-Omchug, Seymchan, Susuman.

GISMETEO: Weather forecast Magadan

Land and Resources: The oblast occupies an area of 1 199 100 km2 (including the Chukotka МагаданAutonomous Area). The region is located in far northeastern Russia and has coastlines on the Arctic and Pacific oceans. A huge part of its territory is situated on the Kolyma and Chutkotka uplands and the Anadyr Plateau. The Kolyma and Anadyr rivers flow through it.
Climate: Magadan Region has a subarctic climate with long, very cold winters lasting up to six months of the year. Permafrost and tundra cover a large part of the region. Average winter temperatures range from -19°C to -38°C, and average summer temperatures, from +3°C to +16°C.
Transportation: Today, Magadan is the largest port of northeastern Russia. Magadan`s port, Nagaevo, has a large fishing fleet and remains open year-round with the help of icebreakers. Magadan is very isolated. The nearest major city is Yakutsk, 2,000 kilometers (1,200 mi) away via an unpaved road which is best used in the winter, especially since there is no bridge over the Lena River at Yakutsk (the choices are: ferry from Nizhny Bestyakh in the summer, when rest of the road may not be passable due to standing water, or over the ice in the dead of winter). Transportation connections are made by motor vehicle, sea, and air transport. The 1400-km Kolyma highway is considered the main freight delivery route to various parts of the region, while the region`s most important transportation gateways are the Port of Magadan and Magadan International Airport. Public transportation in Magadan consists of buses.

Magadan was founded in 1939 as a transit point for political prisoners being transported to the Магадан, пр. ЛенинаKolyma gold mines. Prisoners from the GULAG corrective labor camps mined most of the gold here in the 1930s.
Unfortunately, Magadan`s architecture is nothing to brag about. The houses here were built for living in, not for beauty, and so the housing stock is all typical and standard. Old buildings were ruthlessly torn down despite their historical value in order to make way for new buildings.
However, Magadan does have its "treasure" - E. Neizvestny`s sculpture Mask of Sorrow (Maska skorbi) in memory of the victims of the GULAG. According to unverified sources, $2 million went in to its creation! It stands on a high hill above Magadan, where people constantly come to pay their respects. Many of them are the children and grandchildren of those whose memory is perpetuated in Mask of Sorrow. Everything that has been preserved of the history of Magadan and the region for future generations is housed in the museum of local history.
The city has a number of cultural institutions including the Regional Museum of Anthropology, a geological museum a regional library, and a university. The city has the enormous new Orthodox Cathedral Church of the Trinity, a recently completed Roman Catholic Church of the Nativity.
There are a number of sanatoria (“Mir”, “Gornyak”), Alpine skiing lodge.
Recreation Park with its attractions and other sights is a favorite place of rest for the citizens.
Regional Local Lore Museum
Seymchan Local Lore Museum
Museum of political repressions` victims
Memorial museum of V.Kozin
Ola Local Lore Museum
Theatres: Music and Drama Theatre, Puppet Theatre.
Three are about 25 groups of mineral springs on the territory of the oblast.


Encarta World Atlas - Official Site of the Administration of Magadan Region

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