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флагVolga Federal District
Republic of Mordovia






Time: Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD). UTC offset is +0300 (MSK)/+0400 (MSD).
Local time now:

Federal district: Volga (Privolzhsky) Federal District.
Capital: Saransk.
Main cities: Kovylkino, Ruzayevka, Komsomolsky.

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Land and Resources: Mordovia is located in the central part of European Russia in the Volga Riverул. Коммунистическая — одна из главных улиц basin. The western part of the republic is situated in the Oka Don Plain; its eastern and central parts in the Volga Elevation. It occupies an area of 26 200 km2 and has a population of about one million. It borders Nizhny Novgorod Oblast (N), Chuvash Republic (NE/E), Ulyanovsk Oblast (E/SE), Penza Oblast (S/SW), Ryazan Oblast (W/NW). There are 114 rivers in Mordovia. Major rivers include: Alatyr River (Erzya: Rator), Issa River, Moksha River, Satis River, Sivin River, Sura River. There are approximately 500 lakes in Mordovia.
Climate: Climate is moderately continental. Average January temperature: −11°C; average July temperature: +19°C.
Transportation: The republic has transportation links with almost all Russian regions. Saransk has a railway station (Kuibyshev railway) and an airport.

There are about 500 lakes and 114 rivers and scenic pine and mixed forests in Mordovia; therefore, the development of tourism, including international tourism, is a promising direction, given appropriate financing and the reconstruction of a system of hotels, vacation homes, and health and tourist centers. Historical monuments and museums and the distinctiveness of the Mordvin culture and region all favor this development. The work of the great contemporary sculptor Stepan Erzya attracts visitors from around the world even today.
There are many museums in Mordovia. The largest ones include the Mordovian Republican United Соборная площадь г. СаранскаMuseum of Regional Studies and the Museum of Mordvinian Culture in Saransk.
The State Puppet Theater of the Republic of Mordovia, located in Saransk, is well-known in Russia. Most of the plays played in this theater are Russian fairy-tales.
Saransk was founded in 1641. The City Day is June, 12. Saransk has many historic architectural sites stemming from its early settlement in 1641 as a fortress for the southeastern border of the Russian State.
Saransk has several theaters: a drama theater (founded in 1961), a State Puppet Theater of the Republic of Mordovia, and a comedy theater. It also has a regional history museum and a museum of painting. The Mordovian State University (founded in 1957) is located in Saransk as well as several technical schools.
A remarkable structure of Saransk is Saransk TV Tower, a 180 metres tall guyed tubular steel mast built in 1961, which has 8 crossbars with gangways running in 2 levels from the mast structure to the guys.
Esteen monument
Monument to Nikon
Monument to Pushkin
Monument to Ushakov
Monument to Erzya
St Fedor Ushakov Cathedral
St Ioan Divine Church
Republican Arts Museum of Erzya
Memorial Museum of War and Labour Feat
State Opera and Ballet Theatre
State Russian Drama Theatre
State Puppet Theatre
Mordovia State National Theatre

Glory Alley
Pushkin Park


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