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Nenets Autonomous Area






Time: Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD).
Local time now:

Federal district: Northwestern Federal District.
Capital: Naryan-Mar.
Main cities: none.

GISMETEO: Weather forecast Narian-Mar

Land and Resources: The area is located in the Pechora Lowlands, which extend from Timan Ridge to the Pai-Khoi Range. It is the smallest of all federal subjects (an autonomous okrug of Arkhangelsk Oblast). The Nenets Autonomous Area borders on the Komi Republic in the south, Arkhangelsk Region in the southwest, and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area in the northeast. The area extends in a belt along the Arctic coast, with shorelines on the White, Barents, and Kara seas. It covers an area of 176 700 km2 and includes Kolguev and Vaigan islands. The main river is the Pechora.
Climate: The area has a harsh climate with average January temperatures ranging from -12 C in the southwest to -22 C in the northeast and average July temperatures from +6 C in the north to +13 C in the south; permafrost zones are encountered.
Transportation: The main forms of transportation are air and sea (ports in Naryan-Mar and Amderma). There are two ports: Naryan-Mar and Amderma. The city of Naryan-Mar has a river dock 110 km from the Barents Sea and an airport.

Naryan-Mar is situated above the Arctic Circle on the region`s largest river, the Pechora. The city of Naryan-Mar arose on the site of the settlement of Beloshchelye and a number of villages and hamlets. It received official city status on March 19, 1935. Naryan-Mar means "Red City" in the Nenets language. Starting in 1936, the city was built up according to a regular plan (a rectangular street network with a square in the center), mainly with two-story wooden frame houses.
A network of cultural facilities has been set up and is operating in the Nenets Autonomous District. There are also amateur folk art groups, many of which have won numerous prizes at Russian and foreign reviews and festivals. They include groups like the Khayar (Sun) Nenets National Youth Choral and Dance Ensemble, the Smirnov Russian Folksong Choir, the Maimbava (Joy) Nenets National Folklore Ensemble, the Severyanka Russian Folk Instrument Orchestra, the Northern Youth (Yunost Severa) Folk Dance Ensemble, and the folk choir of the village of Nes.
The town`s tourist attractions include the local museum, a World War II memorial, an Orthodox church and an old town, partly reconstructed just up the river. Fishing is also possible in the area. The town`s main attractions are still its services which include relaxing saunas for the weary traveler.
Pustozyorsk was the administrative center of Yugra and Pechora krais of Muscovy and Imperial Russia. It was situated in what is today Nenets Autonomous Okrug of Arkhangelsk Oblast in Russia. Pustozyorsk was founded in 1499 in the lower reaches of the Pechora River. The town was built in a deserted area on a barren soil, hence the name Pustozyorsk, which literally means "deserted lakes". It was the most distant northern outpost of Muscovy and the first Russian settlement on the Pechora. Pustozyorsk was supposed to play the role of a military fort on the northern borders of the Russian state. The town was most active in the 17th century, when such notable people as Artamon Matveyev, Vasily Galitzine, and Avvakum were exiled there. The spot where the latter was burnt at the stake is now commemorated by an ornate wooden cross.
The last inhabitants left Pustozyorsk in the early 1960s. The wooden hurch of Transfiguration is the only structure that remained after the abandonment of Pustozyorsk. It was moved to the nearby village of Ustye, located on the Lake Gorodetskoye.


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