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флагSiberian Federal District
Novosibirsk  region






Time: Novosibirsk Time Zone (NOVT/NOVST).
Local time now:

Federal district: Siberian Federal District.
Capital: Novosibirsk.
Main cities: Barabinsk, Berdsk, Bolotnoye, Kargat, Kuybyshev, Kupino, Ob, Tatarsk, Chulym.

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Land and Resources: Novosibirsk Oblast is located in the southeastern Western Siberian plain, at Новосибирский областной театр куколthe foothills of low Salair ridge, between the Ob and Irtysh Rivers. Novosibirsk Oblast borders Omsk Oblast (W), Tomsk Oblast (N), and Kemerovo Oblast (E). The southern and the southwestern borders of Novosibirsk Oblast are with Altai Krai and the state of Kazakhstan (Pavlodar Oblysy). The territory of the oblast extends for more than 600 km from west to east, and for over 400 km from north to south. Novosibirsk Oblast is mainly plain; at south the steppes prevail; at north enormous tracts of woodland with great number of marshes prevail. There are many lakes, the largest ones located at the south. The majority of the rivers belong to the Ob basin, many of them falling in dead lakes. Largest lakes are Chani, Sartlan, Ubinskoye, and some others.
There are three natural zones changing into each other - pine forests, forest-steppe and steppe. The region has various landscapes –taiga, multiple lakes, impassable swamps, ancient Salair mountain ridge and steppes of Kulunda. The people of Novosibirsk are also proud with their own sea – Ob` Reservoir with length of 230 kilometers. On South-East part of the region there is largest in Western Siberia lake Chany.
Climate: The climate is sharply continental, with severely cold and snowy winters, and hot and dry summers. Temperatures in summer range from 20 °C to 25 °C (75 °F), in winter -18 °C to -20 °C (0 °F), but can reach from -40 °C to -50 °C (-40 °F) in winter and 35-40 °C (100 °F) in summer. The difference between the highest and the lowest temperature is 88 °C (158 °F). Most of the time the weather is sunny. Travelers coming from the countries with mild climate may find Novosibirsk`s winter tough but it will not be extraordinary for those from northern countries. Sometimes, bitter cold may hold for some days, but these temperatures of -40 °C and lower do not occur every year. In contrast, springtime is not the best season for visiting Novosibirsk. Streets and roads become dirty because of mud and melting snow, and weather is still cold. Summers are typically very nice, with warm, long days (sunrise at 5am and sunset after 10pm).
Transportation: The unique geographic location of the city, where the main transportation arteries of Железнодорожный вокзал, г. НовосибирскSiberia come together, gave a strong push to Novosibirsk`s development. Novosibirsk`s subway is the only one on this side of Ural mountains.
There are 12 airports in the oblast with “Tolmachevo” and “Novosibirsk” of federal importance. Novosibirsk is an important transportation junction with highway, railway and river connections with other regions. It is a large river port too. Public transport in the city consists of trolleybuses, trams, buses and a subway.

Novosibirsk is Russia`s third largest city, after Moscow and Saint Petersburg. It is also the largest city in Siberia. The town Novosibirsk had got its name in 1926. It was founded in 1903. Five years ago the city received official title of Siberian Capital. In 1993 Novosibirsk celebrated it`s 100th anniversary.
One of the city symbols and place of the pilgrimage of tourists is Chapel of St. Nikolay, which was built in 1914 to celebrate 300 years of Romanov`s royal dynasty. The place was selected for the reason – sometime ago this point was considered a geographical center of Russian Empire. Since that time the border significantly moved to the East. However, the local confection factory is still making candy, which is called “Centre of Power” with a picture of the chapel in the wrapper.
To the south is the Ukok Plateau part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site entitled Golden Mountains of Altai.
The Zoo of Novosibirsk is a world renowned zoo and a popular tourist attraction to the city. The zoo has over 4000 species of animals, and actively participates in thirty-two different societies for preserving endangered species.
Novosibirsk started as integrated architectural complex only after1955, when the Kommunalny Собор Александра Невского, г. Новосибирскbridge, main city bridge across Ob, was built. Just from that time the town chose the way of total renovation and improvement.
One of the main merits of Novosibirskaya Oblast for tourists is its nature. The diversity of species and landscapes is really unique.
While traveling over the region one get acquainted with ancient cities of Beodsk, Suzun, Kuibyshev (Kainsk) and Kolyvan village with once noisy merchant streets and houses of XIX century.


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