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флагNorthwestern Federal District
Pskov Region






Time: Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD).
Local time now:

Federal district: Northwestern Federal District.
Capital: Pskov.
Main cities: Velikie Luki, Ostrov, and Nevel.

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Land and Resources: Pskov Region is located on the northwestern Russian Plain and is part of the Northwestern economic district of the Russian Federation. It is the only Russian region with state and customs borders on three countries: Belarus, Estonia, and Latvia. The region has an area of 55 300 km2. Pskov Region is situated in the southern taiga and mixed forest zones and is considered one of the most ecologically clean Russian regions. There are more than 600 rivers and 3700 lakes, including the largest lake in Europe, Pskovsko-Chudskoe. The region has sizable water resources, with large numbers of rivers and lakes. The largest rivers are the Velikaya (and its tributaries the Sorot, Cherekha, Pskova, Issa, and Sinyaya rivers), Shelon, Lovat, and Plyussa. Forests cover about 40% of the region`s territory. Mushrooms, berries (blueberries, lingonberries, and cranberries), and medicinal herbs are also abundant in the region.
Climate: The climate is temperate continental, becoming more continental in the northwest-southeast direction. Prevailing winds are from the south, southwest, and, to some extent, northwest. The average summer temperature is +17°C, and the average winter temperature is -7 °C.
Transportation: Rail lines connect Pskov Region with the ports of St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Tallinn, and Riga.

It is the westernmost federal subject of mainland Russia (i.e. excluding the exclave of Kaliningrad Oblast).
Pskov, in Estonian Pihkva, is an ancient city located in the north-west of Russia about 20 km east from the Estonian border, on the Velikaya River. The name of the city, originally spelled "Pleskov", may be loosely translated as "the town of purling waters". Its earliest mention comes in 903. Pskovians sometimes take this year as the city`s foundation date, and in 2003 a great jubilee took place to celebrate Pskov`s 1,100th anniversary.
The combination of favorable climatic and ecological conditions, numerous historical, cultural, and natural points of interest, an advantageous geographical location, and remoteness from centers of social upheaval create all the conditions for developing tourism and recreation.
The city of Pskov is one of Russia`s oldest cities and a center of Old Russian architecture and painting. There are nearly 100 historical monuments within the city. The most notable of these are the Mirozha Monastery, which is included on UNESCO`s world heritage list; the Church of Kosma and Damian; Trinity (Troitsky) Cathedral; ancient fortresses in Stary Izborsk, Pechory, Porkhov, and Opochka; the Pskovo-Perchersky Orthodox Monastery, one of Russia`s oldest continuously functioning monasteries; and the Pushkin Reserve, where the great Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin, lived, worked, and was buried.
Pskov is a land surrounded by historical legends and has a rich culture and traditions. Large numbers of historical and cultural monuments from various historical periods have become Pskov`s main points of interest.
The region`s wealth of historical, cultural, and architectural monuments attracts ever-increasing numbers of tourists wanting to learn more about Pskov`s culture. In furthering this objective, a museum complex has been opened in Izborsk with the Administration`s support, along with a small hotel, and restoration work has been completed on the oldest tower of the Izborsk fortress, the Lukovka.
Pskov still preserves much of its medieval walls, built from the 13th century on. The Krom, or medieval citadel, looks as impressive as ever. Within its walls rises the 256-foot-tall Trinity Cathedral, founded in 1138 and rebuilt in the 1690s. The cathedral contains the tombs of saint princes Vsevolod (died in 1138) and Dovmont (died in 1299). Other ancient cathedrals adorn the Mirozhsky abbey (completed by 1152), St. John`s (completed by 1243), and the Snetogorsky monastery (built in 1310 and painted in 1313).
Pskov is exceedingly rich in tiny, squat, picturesque churches, dating mainly from the 15th and the 16th centuries. There are many dozens of them, the most notable being St. Basil`s on the Hill (1413), St. Kozma and Demian`s near the Bridge (1463), St. George`s from the Downhill (1494), Assumption from the Ferryside (1444, 1521), and St. Nicholas` from Usokha (1536). The 17th-century residential architecture is represented by merchant mansions, such as the Salt House, the Pogankin chambers, and the Trubinsky mansion.
Among the sights in the vicinity of Pskov are Izborsk, a seat of Rurik`s brother in the 9th century and one of the most formidable fortresses of medieval Russia; the Pskov Monastery of the Caves, the oldest continually functioning monastery in Russia and a magnet for pilgrims from all over the country; the 16th-century Krypetsky Monastery; Elizarovo Monastery, which used to be a great cultural and literary centre of medieval Russia; and Mikhailovskoe, a family nest of Alexander Pushkin where he wrote some of the best known lines in the Russian language. The national poet of Russia is buried in the ancient cloister at the Holy Mountains nearby. Unfortunately, the area presently has only a very minimal tourist infrastructure, and the historic core of Pskov requires serious investments to realize its great tourist potential.
Sebezhsky National Park is located in Pskov Region.

Псковский кремль

Pskov kreml

Гремячая башня

a tower Gremjachaja

Памятник Ольге в Пскове

the Monument to Olga in Pskov

Спасо-Мирожский Завеличский монастырь

the Spaso-Mirozhsky Zavelichsky monastery

Псковский Кром (Кремль)

 Pskov Krom (Kremlin)


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