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флагCentral Federal District
Ryazan region







Time: Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD).
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Federal district: Central Federal District.
Capital: Ryazan.
Main cities: Kasimov, Sasovo, Skopin, and Ryazhsk.

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Land and Resources: Ryazan Oblast borders Vladimir Oblast (N), Nizhny Novgorod Oblast (NE), Republic of Mordovia (E), Penza Oblast (SE), Tambov Oblast (S), Lipetsk Oblast (SW), Tula Oblast (W), and Moscow Oblast (NW). It is drained by the Oka and upper Don rivers. Part of the Meshchera Lowland, an area of peat bogs, lakes, small rivers, and forests, occupies the northern part of the region. Ryazan Oblast has an area of 39,600 km².
Climate: The climate is temperate continental. Most precipitation occurs from April to October. Weak and moderate winds prevail.
Transportation: Ryazan is a large river port on the Oka. It is a railway junction with connections to Moscow, Ruzaevka, Ryazhsk. There is an airport.

It is argued that the Ryazan kremlin was founded in 1095 by Slavic settlers, as part of their drive into territory previously populated by Finnic peoples. Initially it was built of wood, gradually replaced by masonry. The oldest preserved part of the Kremlin dates back to the 15th century. Ryazan The city is an industrial and transportation center. Manufactures include agricultural machinery, chemicals, and clothing.
The architectural and historical monuments preserved in the city and region are of great historical and tourist significance. The best known structure in Ryazan is the Ryazan Kremlin, with its 17 historical and architectural monuments. It was declared a historical and architectural museum preserve in 1968. Numerous cultural institutions, such as theaters, museums, concert halls, movie theaters, the philharmonic, and the circus, are also open for visitors and city residents.
There are 107 specially protected natural areas in Ryazan Region. One of these is the Oka State Biosphere Reserve, which has international significance. Other protected areas in Ryazan Region include Meshchera National Park, 47 nature reserves, 57 natural sites, and internationally significant group A wetlands (Ramsar Convention).
In Ryazan land today, there are entire complexes of various unique monuments of Old Russian and classicist architecture that are of enormous significance in the art of town planning. They create a unique and unforgettable cityscape and add individuality and color. Altogether, there are 1003 recognized historical and cultural monuments in Ryazan Region.
Over the last few years, historical and cultural sites have been carefully studied and systematically restored in order to recreate old Ryazan`s former architectural character. New museum displays, concert halls, libraries, and centers for traditional folk arts and crafts have been opened in the restored buildings.
Ryazan`s museums hold huge stores of cultural wealth that leave an indelible impression on visitors. They have tens of thousands of valuable exhibits reflecting the history and art of Pereslavl-Ryazansky from the time of its founding to modern-day Ryazan. Ryazan`s main point of interest is the historical and architectural museum preserve. It is a research and cultural education institution that is a state repository of material and spiritual culture. The preserve includes the Kremlin, the ancient city center with 17 historical and architectural monuments from the 15th to 19th centuries. The famous Ryazan Cathedral built by fortress architect Yakov Bukhvostov in the late 17th century is the embodiment of the old city. The cathedral marks the site of the ancient Ryazan Kremlin, which has left only its name, unless you count the earthworks. The palace of wealthy Ryazan metropolitans arose later on the site of the Kremlin, but the location has kept the name "Kremlin" right up to the present.
There is a splendid view of the Kremlin and its imposing buildings from an embankment of the Trubezh River; some of these buildings have survived almost unchanged, while many have not survived at all. The large number of architectural monuments in Ryazan Region attracts historians and archeologists from around the world.
Nativity (Khristorozhdestvensky) Cathedral, the Kremlin`s oldest stone building, stores the region`s State Archives.
Alongside the Kremlin is another beautiful building, the Ryazan State Badge of Honor Drama Theater founded in 1787 through the initiative of the Russian poet Gavril Derzhavin. The theater in Russia has always been something more than just a simple art form. It always had a special reputation in the world of theater arts as a symbol of quality and spirituality and a source of imitation and admiration.
The names of many scientific and cultural figures renowned in both Russia and abroad are inseparably linked with Ryazan. Poet Sergei Esenin, writers Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, scientists Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Ivan Pavlov, and Ivan Michurin, and many others lived and worked here. The historical sites associated with these names are carefully preserved and have become favorite places for relaxation and cultural contacts.
One of these places is a small wooden country house built in the early 19th century with a modest memorial plaque on the front with the inscription "Academician Pavlov was born and lived here from 1849 to 1870." The museum holds annual conferences dedicated to the scientific legacy of Ivan Pavlov; and the Russian academies of science and medicine hold the Pavlov Lectures here once every five years.
Another is the Esenin State Museum Preserve in the village of Konstantinovo in Rybnovsky District. The museum collects, studies, and preserves everything connected with the name of the great Russian poet and his times.
Ryazan land has an enormous wealth of cultural traditions that are embodied in festivals, competitions, and shows. The Ryazan Regional Folk Arts and Crafts Research Center studies the territory`s culture, ethnography, folklore, and folk arts.
The philharmonic was founded in a reconstructed 19th century building. A children`s philharmonic and musical theater are attached to it; and various groups work in association with it, including the Ryazan State Academic Russian Folk Choir, the Paraphrase (Parafraz) Quartet of original Russian instruments, the Ryazan Regional Symphony Orchestra, the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Choir, the Russian Song (Russkaya Pesnya) philharmonic group, the Perpetuum Mobile chamber orchestra, a philharmonic trio, and artists of the musical lecture hall.
Great emphasis is placed on arts and crafts, and production of local souvenirs is reviving. Ryazan Regional Folk Arts and Crafts Research Center has held exhibits, such as the "Traditions and the Present" exhibit of folk arts and crafts and patchwork techniques.
The main rock scene of the city is legendary Planetary art-club. During nearly 10 years of its existence a wide number of Russian and European rock, punk, numetal, emo and avant-garde bands have performed at Planetary. Even American indie rock bands like Briston have made an appearance.
Sights of Ryazan:
Ryazan Kremlin
Pavlov Museum
Architectural Museum
Art Museum
Drama Theater
Puppet Theater
Children`s Circus
Pyaniy Park

Драматический театр, г. Рязань

Drama theatre

дом где родился и жил великий русский поэт Сергей Александрович Есенин (1895-1925), с. Константиново

the house where was born great Russian poet Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin (1895-1925), Konstantinovo

Успенский собор, г. Рязань

Uspensky cathedral

Памятник Сергею Есенину, г. Рязань

Monument to Sergey Yesenin

Николо-Ямской храм, г. Рязань

Nikolo-Jamskoj temple

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