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The Sakha Republic






Time: Yakutsk Time Zone (YAKT/YAKST). UTC offset is +0900 (YAKT)/+1000 (YAKST). Vladivostok Time Zone (VLAT/VLAST). UTC offset is +1000 (VLAT)/+1100 (VLAST). Magadan Time Zone (MAGT/MAGST). UTC offset is +1100 (MAGT)/+1200 (MAGST).
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Federal district: Far Eastern Federal District.
Capital: Yakutsk.
Main cities: Aldan, Lensk, Verkhoyansk, Vilyuysk, Mirniy, Neryungry, Tommot.

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Land and Resources: At half the size of the Far Eastern Federal District, it is the largest subnational  governing body by area in the world. The republic borders: Chukotka Autonomous Okrug (E), Magadan Oblast (E/SE), Khabarovsk Krai (SE), Amur Oblast (S), Chita Oblast (S), Irkutsk Oblast (S/SW), Krasnoyarsk Krai (W); Arctic Ocean (including Laptev Sea and Eastern Siberian Sea) (N). Sakha stretches to the Henrietta Islands in the far north and is washed by the Laptev and Eastern Siberian Seas of the Arctic Ocean. These waters, the coldest and iciest of all seas in the northern hemisphere, are covered by ice for 9-10 months of the year. New Siberian Islands are a part of the republic`s territory. After Nunavut was separated from Canada`s Northwest Territories, Sakha became the largest subnational entity (statoid) in the world, with an area of 3,103,200 km². Navigable Lena River, as it moves northward, includes hundreds of small tributaries located in the Verkhoyansk Range. Other major rivers include: Vilyuy River, Olenyok River, Aldan River, Kolyma River , Indigirka River, etc. There are over 700 lakes in the republic. Sakha`s greatest mountain range, the Verkhoyansk Range, runs parallel and east of the Lena River, forming a great arc that begins the Sea of Okhotsk and ends in the Laptev Sea. The Chersky Range runs east of the Verkhoyansk Range and has the highest peak in Sakha, Peak Pobeda (3,003 m).
Climate: Sakha is known for its climate extremes, with the Verkhoyansk Range being the coldest area in the northern hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere`s Pole of Cold is at Verkhoyansk, where the temperatures reached as low as −67.8C in 1892, and at Oymyakon, where the temperatures reached as low as −67.7C in 1933. Average January temperature: −28C (coast) to −47C (Pole of Cold). Average July temperature: +2C (coast) to +19C (central parts).
Transportation: Yakutsk is a major port on the Lena River. Yakutsk is a destination of Lena Highway. Actually, the city`s connection to the Highway is only accessible by ferry in the summer, or in the dead of winter, directly over the frozen Lena River, as Yakutsk lies entirely on its western bank, and there is no bridge anywhere in the Sakha Republic that crosses the mighty Lena. Water transport ranks first for cargo turnover. There are six river ports, two sea ports (Tiksi and Zelyony Mys). The republic`s main waterway is the Lena River, which links Yakutsk with the rail station of Ust-Kut in Irkutsk Oblast. Air transport is the most important for transporting people. Airlines connect the republic with most regions of Russia. Yakutsk Airport has an international terminal. Two federal roads pass the republic.

Yakutsk is one of the oldest Siberian cities. Yakutsk was founded in 1632 as a Cossack fort but did   - not grow into a city until the discovery of large reserves of gold and other minerals in the 1880s and 1890s.
Yakutsk is home of some theaters and museums among others, Sakha theater and the Museum of Mammoth.
Chochur Muran is a popular recreational place. This is the chain of hills in the west of Yakutsk. It is believed that hills used to be the right bank of the Lena River many centuries ago. In any event, spectacular view on the city, downhills and lakes attracts townsfolk all the year round. At the weekend, Chochur Muran is always full of people. In summer people prefer to ascend hills to picnic, BBQ among pinetrees and enjoy citysight. In early spring when snow still remains on the surface, they do the same but slide and ski downhill additionally. At that time, motor-car enthusiasts drive on iced lakes fast and furious, and powered gliders soar upwards. Chichur Muran Ethnographic Complex appeared in 2005. The complex includes: a restaurant (to lunch is possible almost in every room); billiards; a bar; a sort of exhibition (the building is full of national and Cossack artifacts, paintings, maps, pictures; actually the whole complex is done in the style of XVI century); opportunity to ride a horse or a snowmobile (in winter and spring) and enjoy blue-eyed Siberian huskies.
On September 27, 2006, a warm and sunny day, inauguration and consecration ceremony of an Old Town historical-architectural complex took place in Yakutsk . Indeed, that event became historical for that ancient (for Siberian scale) town.
The National Arts museum of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is one of the oldest museums in north-east Russia. The collection of the museum contains yakut, domestic, foreign works of art of the XVIth - the beginning of the XXIst centuries.
National Art Museum Picture Gallery. The potential of the museum collections is inexhaustible.
The Yaroslavsky United Yakutsk State Museum of History and Culture of People of the North. The excellent artifact collection of different periods from the epochs beyond historical reach (since time out of mind) to the events in 90s of the XX century.
Museum of Mammoth of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). One of the diversified exhibits collection of the Ice-Age epoch in the world. The cryocamera is the gem of the collection, where the head of the mammoth is. It was found in the deep-frozen soil in a state of nature with flesh and wool. You should ascertain the presence of the cryo-camera beforehand, because it is often on the exhibition outside the Yakutsk .
Museum of Archeology & Ethnography of the Yakutsk University. The history of the Yakut population is shown in the very interesting exposition of subjects of life and the cult of sakha, evenk, evenki, yukagiry and other Yakut ethnos from the earliest times.
Unique underground lab of Permafrost Institute. The museum of permafrost is in a class by itself. Going down the ground you can listen to the detailed lecture about the essence of this nature phenomenon. Also you will see the collection of artifacts kept in natural refrigerator. Warm clothing is necessary for visiting the museum.
The Memorial House Museum of Maksim Ammosov
The Museum of History of Connection
The Yakut state literary museum of P.A.Ojunskiy
International Museum of Khomus (Vargan) Music
Music and Folklore Museum of the Nations of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
House Museum The History of Political Exile in Yakutia
Republic Museum of Pupils Achievements
Exhibit hall of the National Art Museum
Art- Gallery Symekh
Art-Gallery Urgel
Numismatic Museum of the Yakutsk University
Physical Culture and Sport Museum
Architectonical complexes and Monuments:
Stariy Gorod is a rebuilt in an architectural style of XIX century urban area, which is located in the center of the town, circumscribed with Ammosova, Arzhakova streets and the Square of Falling Soldiers Before the Enemy. Paved with blocks streets with restricted traffic, coffee corners, trade houses are the place where citizens like to spend their time. There are rebuilt Preobrazhensky church, the Found Innovator Monument, Memorial of Falling Soldiers Before the Enemy, stela in honor 375 years of Yakutia as the member of Russia and the Museum of M. K. Ammosov , a well known politician in the beginning of XX century.
Stele of Victoria is located in the cognominal square. The very high stele devoted to the victory of the Great Patriotic War is decorated in the sculpture of the yakut epos olonkho hero Nurgun Bootur.
The Monument to Abakayada is located on the Kirova and Poyarkova streets intersection. The sculptural group devoted to the first international marriage between Russian male and Yakut female and to their child (the symbol of two nations connection).
The Monument to Platon Oyunsky is located in the cognominal square, also so called Ordzhonikidze square. The sculptural figure of P.A. Oyunsky (a writer, a well-known socialist in the beginning of XX century) is a symbol of human intelligence progress. Also there is a metal bow over him with graven quotations from his writings that personify the productive fact of nature.
Lenskiy Historical Architectural Park Museum Druzhba is located on the right bank of the Lena river, where the Lensky ostrog was settled by pathfinders. The main exhibits of the museum are under        the open sky the copy of a well-known Zashiverskiy ostrogs Spasskiy church, and the copy of the overshoe of a centurion Petr Beketov, an ostrog founder. The other old wooden art of building of Yakutia are very interesting too. The exposition of culture and Yakut life: household goods, cult-objects, clothing examples and ammunitions, funeral complexes, works of arts and crafts are demonstrated in the rebuild constructions. There is a restaurant of Yakut cooking in the museum. Some ice-runs and the promenade are held in the territory of the museum in spring. One of the most nameable sights of the park museum is the lookout tower on the top of the nearest Sopka. Everybody may see the wonderful views of the Lena river from the tower. You can go there by a private micro-bus or by scheduled micro-bus (2 hours for travelling).
Rebuilt towers of Yakutskiy ostrog of XVII century
Building of exchequer of XVIII century
Mine Shergin the deepest private man-made mine in the permafrost
The Monument to A. E. Kulakovskiy, a writer and a well-known socialist
Monuments to different politicians of the imperial and soviet epochs in different regions of town: to Lenin, Dzerzhinskiy, Marks, Kraft, Yaroslavskiy.
Two Monuments to Mammoth ( The Institute of Permafrost and The Circus )
Other Monuments of traditional wooden Siberia art of the XX century in the Saisar and Zalog regions.
Sakha Drama Theatre named after P.A. Oiunsky - performances in the Yakut language. There is a synchronous translation into Russian language.
Yakut State Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Suorun Omolloon.
Russian State Drama Theatre named after A.S. Pushkin - performances in the Russian language. Classical and Modern writings.
Variety Theatre, Music Saloon Charoit - Musicales and concerts of Yakut artists.
State Theatre of Humor and Satire - Comedy shows (musicals, concerts) in the Yakut language. No synchronic translation.
Kulakovskiy Culture Center
The State Circus of the Republic Sakha ( Yakutia) is the most northern circus in the world. The Yakut Circus the combination of Russian traditional circensian art with national culture of the far north. The gem of the circus program is the acrobat troop learned in China. They are prize winners of numerous international competitions and festivals. Also the Russian circus tours are often.
The zoo Orto-Doydu has about 150 animal species. From invertebrates to big mammals, including Siberian tigers, brown bears and wild sheep. The point of the exposition is the fauna of northern and Far-Eastern Russia. There are terrarium and aviaries with birds. 7 species from the collection are in the Red Book of Russia and Yakutia.
Festivals and holidays:
Isiakh. The main national holiday traditionally held on the 21st of June, the summer solstice day. The exact data can be moved. Depends on weekends. Tens of thousands people from all corners of the Republic come to Us Khatyn location for the nation wide walk. The main event of the two-days celebration is the beautiful ceremony of the white shamans` blessing of the harvest.
City Day (in the beginning of September)
Republic Day (27, September)
International Festival of Modern Music Tabyk ( annually in December, it was not held in 2005, because of the bad financing)

Cruise on the motorship along the Lena river to Lena Pillars (2-3 days).
Cruise on the motorship along the Lena river to the Arctic Ocean (14 days)
Trip to never-melting ice cellar called Buluus (by car, 1 day)
Trip to the Verkhoyansk mountains, namely the Kisiliyakh place with the only geological constructions (by plane, 5-7 days).
Trip to Arctic Ocean coast, Tiksi (by plane,3-7 days).
Trip to Tomtor/Oymyakon, The Pole of Cold ( by car, 3-5 days).


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