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Samara Region






Time: Samara Time Zone. UTC offset is +0400/+0500 DST.
Local time now:

Federal district: Volga Federal District.
Capital: Samara.
Main cities: Togliatti, Syzran, Novokuibyshevsk, Chapaevsk, Otradny, Zhigulevsk, Oktyabrsk, Kinel, Pokhvistnevo, and Neftegorsk.

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Land and Resources: Samara Region borders on Saratov Region (Lower Volga) in the south, Ulyanovsk Region (Volga region) in the west, Tatarstan in the north, and Orenburg Region (Ural region) in the east. The entire region is located on the Russian Plain, at the meeting place of three native zones: forest, steppe, and forest steppe (a transitional zone between the forest and steppe zones). The city of Samara stands in the center of a boundless expanse of steppe on the high left bank of the Volga River, bounded by the Zhiguli Mountains. Most of the city is situated in the area between the Volga and its left tributary, the Samara River. The Zhiguli Mountains near Samara formed the Samara Bend in the Volga River.
Climate: Samara Region has a temperate continental climate, but the summers are much warmer and the winters harsher than in western Russia. Thus, there are often long periods of dry weather with little precipitation. The average annual temperature is +3.8 °C, with average July (the hottest month) temperatures of +20.7 °C (but ranging from +18 °C to +25 °C) and average January (the coldest month) temperatures of -13.8 °C (-16 °C to -12 °C), although the annual variation can be from -35 °C in winter to +33 °C in summer.
Transportation: The Volga is the most important waterway. It connects the Volga region with the Baltic and Black seas and the Sea of Azov. Samara is one of the largest transportation junctions in Russia connecting Central and Western Europe with Siberia, Asia and Kazakhstan. There are railway,  water, air and road connections. There is an airport Kurumoch, Samara sea port. Public transportation in Samara consists of buses,  trams, trolleybuses, subway and marshrutkas.

Samara (in the years 1935-1991 it was called Kuibyshev) is the administrative, industrial, and cultural center of the Middle Volga.
Founded in the year 1586 as supporting fortress, Samara became the capital of the province in 1851. Today, Samara Region is one of Russia`s pillars of industrial power along with Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Urals.
The city of Samara is a striking combination of historical monuments, modern residential buildings, and massive industrial structures. The preserved Spaskaya tower of Syzran Kremlin is the embodiment of old Russian architecture.
The city center has interesting architecture: merchant houses of XIX c., Chapaev Square, Kuibyshev and Leningradskaya Streets, Kuibysev (Sobornaya) Suqare, Samarskaya Square, a new railway station.
Churches: Iversky convent, Pokrovsky Cathedral, Saint Georg and Saint Kirill and Mephodiy Cathedrals, Roman-Catholic Church with an organ, a Mosque (one of the largest in Russia), an old synagogue.
Samara Arts Museum
Samara Local Lore Museum
Aleksey Tolstoy House-Museum
Stalin`s Bunker
Lenin`s House-Museum
Volga Embankment
The city`s oldest theaters have memories of performances by celebrated artists, such as Fedor Chaliapin, Ivan Kozlovsky, R. Glier, David Oistrakh, L. Utesov, L. Sobinov, and many others. Samara Region has considerable cultural potential, with 4 theaters, 12 museums and their branches, a philharmonic, a state symphony orchestra, and one of the finest art galleries in the Volga region. The museum of local history has a superb collection of more than 114 000 exhibits.
Samara State Philharmonic
Theatre-Circus “Olymp”
Samara State Popov Circus
Samara zoological garden
Memorial Complex Carrier-Rocket “Soyuz”
Togliatti has three professional theaters, a philharmonic, and a museum; and Syzran also has its own theater and museum.
Environs of Samara: Tsarev Barrow, Volzhskie former river-beds, the Greves` Cave, Shiryaevo, Molodetskiy Barrow, Zhigulevsky Reserve, National Park “Samarskaya Luka”, etc.
Various sanatoria and tourist centers including Sergiev mineral water.
Mastyurkovskie Lakes – annual Grushinsky Bard and Tourist Festival.


Пешеходная зона улицы Ленинградской в историческом центре города

Leningradskaya Street 

Иверский женский монастырь

the Iversky female monastery

Дача купца К. П. Головкина, знаменитый Дом со слонами

the Summer residence of a merchant To. P.Golovkin, the well-known House with elephants

Памятник Святым равноапостольным братьям Кириллу и Мефодию

the Monument to Cyril and Mefodiju

Памятный комплекс ракеты-носителя «Союз»

the Memorable complex of a carrier rocket "Soyuz"


Encarta World Atlas - Official site of the Administration of Samara Region

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