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Taymyr Autonomous Okrug






Time: Krasnoyarsk Time Zone (KRAT/KRAST).
Local time now:

Federal district: Siberian Federal District (an autonomous okrug of Krasnoyarsk Krai. It is also called Dolgan-Nenets Autonomous District. On April 17, 2005, Taymyr and Evenk Autonomous Okrugs were merged into Krasnoyarsk Krai effective January 1, 2007).
Capital: Dudinka.
Main cities: There are no cities. Town of Dikson; village of Karaul; village of Khatanga. The Unified Municipal Formation of Norilsk, which is under the administration of Krasnoyarsk Territory, is located in the Taimyr Autonomous Area. It includes the cities of Norilsk, Kayerkan, and Talnakh and the town of Snezhnogorsk.

GISMETEO: Weather forecast Dudinka

Land and Resources: Taymyr Autonomous Okrug was the northernmost in mainland Russia (and thus Asia). The Taimyr Autonomous Area occupies the Taimyr Peninsula to its extreme end at Chelyuskin Cape (including the islands between the Yenisei Gulf and Khatanga Gulf), the northern part of the Central Siberian Plateau, and the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago. It is the only subject of the Russian Federation located entirely above the Arctic Circle. It is also Russia`s largest autonomous region in area. The area borders on the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the east, the Evenk Autonomous Area of Krasnoyarsk Territory in the southeast, Krasnoyarsk Territory in the south, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area in the west, and has a coastline on the Yenisei Gulf of the Kara Sea and Khatanga Gulf on the Laptev Sea in the north.
Part of the West Siberian Plain extends across the southwestern part of the area along the left bank of the Yenisei. The relief of nearby islands is similar to the mainland: they are low-lying west of the Yenisei and steep and rocky off the coast of the peninsula. The landscape varies from Arctic desert and tundra to forest tundra. Glaciers and permafrost cover a large part of the territory. The Byrranga Mountains cross the Taimyr Peninsula.
Climate: Average January temperature is -30 °С, average July temperature is 2-13 °С. Permafrost.
Transportation: Dudinka is a port in the lower reaches of the Yenisei River, accessible to sea-going ships. Sea transport is based at the ports of Dudinka, Dikson (part of OAO Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical Company), and Khatanga commercial port. A rail operation owned by Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical Company provides rail transport. Three aviation companies provide air service: Dudinka, Khatanga, and Dikson united aircraft squadrons.

Dudinka was founded in 1667 as a winter settlement, and was granted town status in 1951. In 2001, Dudinka was declared a closed city, with travel restricted for foreigners, and travel permits required for Russian visitors, as well.
There are three nature preserves in the Taimyr Autonomous Region: the Great Arctic Preserve, Taimyr Biosphere Preserve, and Putoran Preserve, where the muskox population has been successfully restored.
With an improved transportation infrastructure, the construction of recreation and tourist facilities unlike any other in the world may become attractive to Russian and foreign investors.
State Reserve "Taimyrsky" was created on 23 February 1979. In 1995 it has been given the status of Biosphere Reserve. This is one of the largest Russian reserves, located in the northern part of Krasnoyarsky krai, on the Taimyr Peninsula. The Reserve consists of Main territory, three Filials and protected area "Bikada". The Reserve office is located in Khatanga village, which is one of the district centers in Taimyrsky (Dolgano-Nenetsky) autonomous okrug. The reserve is located on Taimyr Peninsula. Reserve organizers tried to include the most diversity of zonal nature landscapes - arctic, typical and south tundra as well as for-tundra park forests (forest tundra). There are few rare species, included in the Red Book.

Ландшафт Таймыра

Landscape of Tajmyr

Вид г. Дудинка


Памятник Бегичеву, г. Дудинка

monument to Begichev

Церковь, Дудинка

Dudinka's Church

Encarta World Atlas - Official Site of the Administration of Taimyr Autonomous Area

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