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флагSiberian Federal District
Tomsk Oblast






Time: Novosibirsk Time Zone (NOVT/NOVST).
Local time now:

Federal district: Siberian Federal District.
Capital: Tomsk.
Main cities: Seversk, Asino, Kolpashevo, Strezhevoy.

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Land and Resources: Tomsk Oblast lies in the southeastern West Siberian Plain, in the southwest of the Siberian Federal District. Tomsk Region is located in the southeastern part of the West Siberian Plain and borders on Tyumen, Omsk, Novosibirsk, and Kemerovo regions and Krasnoyarsk Territory. Most of the oblast`s 316,900 km² territory is inaccessible because it is covered with taiga woods and swamps.
Climate: The climate is temperate continental and cyclical, with considerable daily and yearly variations and long winters (100-110 days). The average annual temperature is 0.6 °C; the average July temperature is +18.1 °C, and the average January temperature is -19.2 °C. Long, severe winters are characteristic of the northern part of the region.
Transportation: There is a federal highway М53, regional highways Р398 (Tomsk—Kolpashevo), Р399 (Kargala—Bakchar), Р400 (Tomsk—Mariinsk). Tomsk has a railway station and an airport Bogashevo. The main river arteries are Ob, Tom, Chulym, Ket, Vasyugan. The public transport consists of buses, trolleybuses, trams.

One of the oldest towns in Siberia, Tomsk celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2004.
Tomsk was awarded the status of historic city in 1991, with a protected area of 950 hectares. This historical preserve has retained the unique city landscape of stone buildings from the provincial capital of the 19th and early 20th centuries and wooden buildings decorated with traditional "wooden lace" carving.
Tomsk has many local cultural institutions including drama theaters, a children`s theater and a puppet theater. One can find music at the city concert hall, home of the local orchestra, or the Sports Palace where pop and rock stars perform. The city also has centers of German, Polish and Tatar culture where residents can study languages or learn about other countries.
There are a number of museums in Tomsk including those devoted to art, local history and wood carving. Tomsk State University has a number of small museums with exhibits on archaeology, paleontology, zoology as well as a herbarium and botanical garden.
Tomsk managed to retain some of its churches by creating alternative uses for them such as machine shops, warehouses, archives, and even residences. Since the end of communism, some of the churches have been renovated and handed back to their congregations.
Architecturally, the city represents a mixture of styles from various historical periods. As you walk along the quiet streets, you will be charmed by the mysterious music of old wood and stone and by the famous palaces with their picturesque silhouettes, and by elegant carved decor. Tomsk is well-known for its (gingerbread) carved wooden houses.
City districts, especially the old ones, are covered with greenery; and Beloe Lake, which has become a favorite recreation area for local residents, is located within the city limits. A memorial complex in memory of those who fell in the Second World War has been built in Lagerny Garden. Restoration of churches and historic buildings is ongoing in Tomsk.
The city of Tomsk stands out from other cities for its wealth of historical monuments and large number of higher educational institutions and cultural centers. Much has been written about it, and many famous people have spent time here. Pushkin`s great grandfather Hannibal was exiled here, and Chekhov made notes in his diary in a Tomsk hotel. Korolenko, Uspensky, Shishkov, Garin-Mikhailovsky, and many other outstanding Russian writers worked here.
Churches of various faiths coexist peacefully in Tomsk. You will be able to visit a Catholic church, a synagogue, a mosque, and Orthodox churches and hear accounts of different religions.
Tomsk is considered to be the "Athens of Siberia" and a student city. Tour guides will recount the history of the city`s higher educational institutions and acquaint you with the latest professions you can acquire there.
In addition to numerous health resorts, the region also has children`s health camps. For vacationers without health problems, there are recreation centers with comfort levels close to foreign standards of service. While relaxing, you can visit the city`s theaters, museums, and exhibitions. There are also plenty of leisure activities for young people in Tomsk. The city offers a wide choice of cafes, bistros, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and discotheques.
Tourists who like an active vacation in nature traveling through the forests or along the waterways will long remember sailing on a pleasure boat, fishing, and majestic pine forests with their variety of plants and wonderful animal life.
The historical areas of Tomsk include: Voskresenskaya Gora (Resurrection Hill), the Swamp, Belozerye, Greater and Lesser Yelany, Zaistochye (Tatar settlement), the Lakeside, Kashtak, Kirpichi, and Mukhin Mound.
The Trinity Cathedral (1845–1900), designed by Konstantin Thon, used to be a replica of the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow.
Tomsk Regional Studies Museum and the Organ Hall of the Philarmony
The Epiphany Cathedral at the Lenin square
Ironical monument to Anton Chekhov who visited Tomsk on the way to Sakhalin and mentioned it in his diary unfavorably

Памятник А.П. Чехову, г. Томск

The monument to A.P.Chekhov, Tomsk

Богоявленский собор на площади Ленина, Томск

the Bogojavlensky cathedral, Tomsk

Томский музей и Органный зал Филармонии

the Tomsk museum and the Philharmonic society

Железнодорожный вокзал, г. Томск

Railway station, Tomsk

Петропавловский собор, г. Томс

the Peter and Paul cathedral, Tomsk

Encarta World Atlas - Official Site of the Administration of Tomsk Region

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