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List of tour operators

On our site You can see the list of tour operators book favourite room in the hotel and much more. And now some information about the tour operators.

Tour operators that travel companies that deal with package tours contracts with service providers in accordance with the requirements of the tourists. Tour operators to develop itineraries and package tours, monitor and ensure their functioning, promotions, determine the prices for the tours on the routes and carry out direct selling tours directly to tourists or through other tour operators.

Tour operators have been creating a variety of travel services that tourists had to choose from, and simplify ordering and service in other cities, taking on those responsibilities.

Tour operators act as intermediaries between tourists and airlines, hotels and hotels, embassies of other countries, etc. with a view to profit. Tour operators can sell travel services separately. This is done in order to make a profit, or in order to need. In the first case, the operator acts as a manufacturer of travel services. And in the second case the tour operator when selling services separately, acts as a wholesale dealer of travel services. This can occur as a result, if the tour operator buys more comfortable than capable of realizing. Big list of tour operators today have special discounts from hotels and other service providers, because works with them for a long time. But all the same tour operators should be considered as producers of new services and not wholesalers.

The main differences between tour operators and travel agents:

On the income system:
Tour operators buy travel products. The profits generated from the difference between the purchase price and sales price. Often, the operator acquires the services separately, and then forms an own project with its pricing mechanism.

Travel agents act as retailers, their profit is generated from commissions for selling other people's travel products. A travel agent sells travel product at real prices of tour operators.

By belonging tourist product:
Tour operators always have a supply of travel services for sales and travel agents carry out a request for a specific product or service only when the customer is going to buy the product. In everyday life it so happens that the verge between tour operators and travel agents are erased, and it can be difficult to know who is who. Since they can solve similar tasks. Tourist organization can be both a tour operator and travel agent.

Tour operators are divided: 

1) By type of activity: 

The mass market tour operators sell packages using Charter flights to places of mass tourism. 

Specialized tour operators that focus on a particular product or market segment. 

2) At the place of activity: 

Local tour operators and domestic tour operators. They are designing services within the country. 

Outbound tour operators are engaged in the production of services aimed, and foreign countries 

Tour operators based in the destination country and provide service to the arriving tourists. 

Tour operators can be divided into receptive and proactive. 

Enterprising tour operators - tour operators engaged in sending tourists abroad by arrangement with the host tour operators or directly with other tourism enterprises and firms. Such operators are characterized in that they are doing a complete set of the tourist product consisting of not less than three services according to the requirements of the world tourist organization. 

Receptive tour operators - they deal with tourism in the destination country who work directly with service providers.


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