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флагVolga Federal District
Ulyanovsk Region






Time: MSK (UTC+3, summer UTC+4).
Local time now:

Federal district: Volga Federal District.
Capital: Ulyanovsk.
Main cities: Dimitrovgrad.

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Land and Resources: The region is located in the central part of European Russia in the heart of the Middle Volga on both sides of the Volga River. It is located mainly on the Volga Uplands and has borders with the Republic of Mordovia, the Chuvash Republic, the Republic of Tatarstan, and Penza, Saratov, and Samara regions.
Climate: Ulyanovsk Oblast has moderately continental, highly volatile climate. Average temperature of June +19 °C, of January −13 °C. As weather systems move in and out of the area, average daily temperatures often change up to +20°C in the matter of days. Fixed snow cover is typically present from late October – early November to mid-April.
Transportation: Ulyanovsk Region is connected to all parts of Russia by air, rail, water, and road transport. Water transport predominates. The river ports of Ulyanovsk and Sengilei, outfitted with new modern equipment, are the region`s largest ports.

Ulyanovsk is named for Vladimir Illyich Lenin`s family name Ulyanov. The city was once called Simbirsk. Simbirsk was founded in 1648. It was renamed Ulyanovsk in 1924 and became the capital of Ulyanovsk Region on January 19, 1943. Ulyanovsk is Russia`s seventeenth-largest city.
Nature is rich and beautiful, with a variety of landscapes, from fields and mountains, hills and valleys, to mixed forests, rivers, and lakes. The region is famous for the Undory resort, the ancient Beloe Lake, Yulovsky Pond, and the Sura River.
Simbirsk was the birthplace of Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov (Lenin), poet NIkolai Yazykov, and writers Dmitry Grigorovich and Ivan Goncharov (in 1912, a monument in the writer`s honor, "Goncharov`s Pavilion", was built on a bluff of the Volga River). The writer and historian Nikolai Karamzin was born in Simbirsk Province.
In the city center, on the site of the former Kremlin on a high bank of the Volga, is a rectangular area (formerly Cathedral Square) that opens onto Novy Venets Boulevard and the far shore of the Volga and is surrounded by buildings in the classicist style, including a former men`s gymnasium (1786), the Offices (1708), the Noble Assembly (1838-1847), and the monument to Karamzin (1845). A boarding house for a men`s classical gymnasium (1947), a military gymnasium (1847), the Yazykovs` house (early 20th century), and other old buildings are also located in the city center.
The central part of Ulyanovsk was reconstructed between 1960 and 1970. A Lenin memorial area was established, which included elements of old Simbirsk and a Lenin memorial center.
The region`s beautiful historic sites, mineral waters, and natural beaches offer good prospects for the development of tourism and health resort vacations.
Drama and puppet theatres, theater for young spectators, state Philharmonic Society, Academic Symphony Orchestra.
The Park of Nations` Friendship is an essential part of the Lenin memorial complex, built in Ulyanovsk to the 100-years anniversary of V.I. Lenin`s birthday.
Ulyanovsk can be legally called city-museum. There are many museums and all of them are organically interlaced with city culture and architecture. History of many Ulyanovsk museums is rooted in the distant past, when Simbirsk scientists and collectors gathered and presented to their native city large cultural and scientific heritage.
In 2005 two Ulyanovsk regional museums - Museum of local lore and Museum of Arts - celebrated their anniversary - 110 years since foundation day. State historical-memorial preserve "Homeland of V.I. Lenin" in 2004 was only 20, but has already became a pride and the main point of interest of Ulyanovsk. Not only citizens, but also numerous tourists aspire to walk in "museum in the open air", and for a moment to be carried away to Simbirsk of the 19th century.
Museum-memorial of V.I. Lenin was opened in Ulyanovsk on the 2nd of November 1941. Since April of 1970 it is arranged in the building of Lenin memorial - the monument of history, culture, architecture of the 20th century.
Ulyanovsk regional museum of local lore named after I.A. Goncharov was founded in 1895 and occupied Goncharov`s house-museum.
Historical-architectural complex "Simbirsk "zasechnaya cherta" (defense line).
The protected areas are found on the territory of region: national park Sengiley mountains, the guarding zone of state preserve “Volga wooded plain”, the monuments of nature Undory mineral source, relict scaffolding etc.

Вид на город и реку с гостиницы «Венец».

View of the city Ulyanovsk

Мемориал воинам-ульяновцам на западном берегу Волги.

the Memorial to soldiers "uljanovtsy" on the western coast of Volga

Лютерано-евангелическая церковь им. Святой Марии

Ljuteran-evangelic church of Sacred Maria, Ulyanovsk


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