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Time: Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD). UTC offset is +0300 (MSK)/+0400 (MSD).
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Federal district: Southern Federal District.
Capital: Volgograd.
Main cities: Volzhsky, Kamyshin, Mikhailovka, Uryupinsk, Frolovo, Dubovka, Zhirnovsk, Kalach-on-Don, Kotelnikovo, Kotovo, Krasnoslobodsk, Leninsk, Nikolaevsk, Novoanninsky, Pallasovka, Serafimovich, and Surovikino.

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Land and Resources: The region located in the southeastern part of the East European Plain is a connecting link between all Russian regions, the CIS countries, and the whole world. It shares a border with many neighbors, including Voronezh, Saratov, Astrakhan, and Rostov regions, the Republic of Kalmykia, and Kazakhstan. The Volga River divides the region into the high Right Bank and the low Left Bank (or Trans-Volga). The Volga and the Don are the region`s main rivers. Volgograd Region has an area of 113 900 km2 (0.67% of the Russian Federation).
Climate: The region has a continental climate with hot, dry summers and cold winters with little snow. The average January temperature ranges from -8 °C to -12 °C, and the average July temperature is +23 °C. Most of the region is located in the dry steppe and semidesert zones.
Transportation: Volgograd is a major railway junction with links to Moscow, the Donbas region of Ukraine, the Caucasus, and Siberia. It stands at the east end of the Volga-Don Canal, opened in 1952 to link the two great rivers of Southern Russia. European route E40, the longest European route connecting Calais, France with Ridder, Kazakhstan, passes through Volgograd. Volgograd`s public transport system includes a light rail service known as the Volgograd metrotram.

Volgograd, formerly called Tsaritsyn (1598–1925) and Stalingrad (1925–1961) is a city and the administrative center of Volgograd Oblast, Russia. Volgograd observed its 410th anniversary in 1999. Volgograd originated with the foundation in 1589 of the fortress of Tsaritsyn at the confluence of the Tsaritsa and Volga Rivers.
The city was visited in their time by such famous persons as Maxim Gorky, Pablo Narudny, Alexander Duma, John Steinbeck and others. Numerous historical places tell us of the high cultural heritage of Volgograd. Here are there are more than 20 monuments, memorials, which are evidences of the events of the Great Patriotic war. Besides that, in Volgograd the museum-planetarium with the unique optic construction, presented by Germany, was build. The world numbers only three similar erections. Cultural potential of the city is made up by seven theaters, Philharmonic Society, the House of officers of Russian army, modern circus. But the most famous sight of the city is the statue to the Motherland, embodying the unity of Russian force. It is Russian variant of the famous statue to Liberty, located in America. The only difference is: American sister is much shorter than her sister.
Mamaev Kurgan is the grandest and most famous monument to the Battle of Stalingrad and the Second World War.
The Panorama museum, which is located alongside the Volga river, contains artifacts from World War II. These include a panoramic painting of the battlefield from the location of the monument "Mamayev Kurgan." Here a rifle of the famous sniper Vasily Zaytsev, can also be found.
Monuments to the Great Patriotic War:
Poplar on the Square of Deceased Fighters – one of the few which survived through the war
Ruins of the old mill, the only building left not restored after the war
Heroes Alley with a memorial monument to the heroes
Monuments of architecture:
Volgograd Local Lore Museum
Railway Station
River-boat station. The largest building of such kind in Europe, with a concert hall
Volgograd Planetarium
Children Railway, built in 1948 on the Volga quay
State Don Cossacks Theatre
Volgograd new experimental theatre
Volgograd Regional Puppet Theatre
Volgograd Youth Theatre

Центр Волгограда. Вид на железнодорожный вокзал

The centre of Volgograd

Мемориал Родина-Мать на Мамаевом Кургане

the statue to the Motherland

Детская железная дорога

The children's railway



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