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флагCentral Federal District
Voronezh Region






Time: Moscow Time Zone (MSK/MSD).
Local time now:

Federal district: Central Federal District.
Capital: Voronezh.
Main cities: Borisoglebsk, Novovoronezh.

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Land and Resources: The Voronezh Region is located on Central Russian upland, east part - on the Oksko-Don plain, in top of Don river basin and its inflows (Khoper, Bityug), and occupies the area 52,6 thousand sq. km. It is the largest on territory area of the central Chernozem region. Main rivers are Don, Voronezh, Bityug, Khopyor.
Climate: Moderate continental climate with an average temperature ranging from +5,0 °C to +6,5 °C.
Transportation: Voronezh is an important railway junction (with lines to Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Kiev), as well as the center of Don Highway (Moscow—Rostov-on-Don). There are two railway station in Voronezh, three bus stations, an international airport “Voronezh” (5 km from the city). Public transport consists of buses, trolleybuses, trams and marshrutkas.

Voronezh was founded in 1586 as a frontier fortress against Crimean and Nogai Tatar attacks from the southern steppe. It has been important as a commercial and cultural centre since the 1830s. During World War II it was largely destroyed (1942-43) when a German advance was stopped there; it was rebuilt completely after the war.
The architectural monuments, the Nikolsk church (early 18th cent.), and the Potemkin palace (18th cent.) were restored. The Univ. of Voronezh, originally the Univ. of Tartu, was transferred there in 1918. The poet Koltsov was born at Voronezh. There are Scythian burial mounds outside the city.
Voronezh is considered as cultural capital of Central-Chernozem Krai. This reputation is created by remarkable theatres, museums, libraries and cinema halls, but first of all known writers, artists, composers, actors, whose creativity makes glory of Russia.
Voronezh Zoological Gardens (the former exonarium) was founded in summer 1995 in the Winter Gardens of Voronezh aircraft Bilding Corporation. Nowadays the exposition is three times bigger. Four halls -aquarial hall (its total volume is 22,000 litres), reptile and Amphibia hall, mammalia hall and the hall for birds - accomodate over 100 species of fish, 20 species of Amphibia, 32 species of reptiles and 14 species of mammals. Besides, recent times have seen the opening of a conservatory presenting a large collection of cactaceae, succulents and many other exotic plants, autotown, veterinary clinic, zoo shop. The recently built exibitional gallery will house the faunafauna exibits of Voronezh region. Voronezh Zoological Gardens and the Children-s Organization established contacts with Moscow Zoo, Rostov Zoo, Tula Exotarium, Voronezh Biosphere and Novokhopersky Reserves.
Voronezh Drama Theatre
Voronezh State Drama Theatre
Opera and Ballet Theatre
Puppet Theatre “Shut”
Chamber Theatre
Youth Theatre
Durov Home-museum
Nikitin Home-Museum
Koltsov Home-museum
Regional Local Lore Museum
Museum “Arsenal”
Art Museum of Kramskoy
Esenin Museum
Parks and Public Gardens:
Petrovsky Public Garden
Koltsov Public Garden
Park “Akye Parusa”
Central Children Park “Orlenok”
Perk “Tanais”
Komsomolsky Park
Zoological Garden
There are various fountains in the parks and public gardens.

Вид на г. Воронеж

the view of Voronezh

Собор (1833-47), г. Воронеж

Cathedral (1833-47)

Спасский женский монастырь у с. Костомарово

Spassky female monastery in Kostomarovo

Петровский сквер, г. Воронеж

Petrovsky square

Покровский кафедральный собор, г. Воронеж

Pokrovsk cathedral

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